Fun stuff will be coming…soon!

Hello all…John here.

Lisa and I are very excited about starting a blog about eating and living in South Jersey!

(Well, actually, I’m very excited and Lisa is very nauseous. We’re expecting our second child, and Lisa and food are not on the best of speaking terms right now, if you know what I mean.)

So…where do we get off doing such a blog?

We live in South Jersey, and we eat in South Jersey. Does that qualify us?

Actually, we want to do this because we love food and enjoy the area in which we live. We love to travel around to different parts of South Jersey and experience the sights and flavors offered. This blog is our way of putting these experiences into words for others to read, and, maybe, encourage some to try these places for themselves.

Lisa and I are Jerseyites through and through. Lisa was born in Hoboken, but grew up on the Shore (not literally, of course – you’d never get all the sand off). I was sort of growing up in Burlington County (Willingboro to be more specific). We met each other working one summer at Great Adventure back in 1990 (a true Jersey love story), were dating by the end of the summer, and through trials and tribulations (and a lot of fun mixed in as well), we’re still together.

Our goal is to have the two of us post regulary on our experiences, both good and bad. However, we don’t plan to make this little corner of the ‘Net a place to spew hateful things towards anyone. Life’s too short and all that.

And, above all, Lisa and I are not going to play restaurant critics…not even on TV. There are qualified professionals who earn a living doing that kind of work. Our posts will be from the perspective of food enthusiasts who want to share their experiences with friends and fellow foodies.

That’s all for now.

And that’s how it all got started. So earnest. So naive.

Part of me reads this and smiles, while the other part cringes. I had no idea what I was doing. But that was the exciting part – there was no set formula on how to make a blog work. It was all about learning to do the work by doing the work. Working out those writing muscles that I didn’t know I had.

There would be plenty of adventures to come, and lots of experiences to share. And pictures, too! I mean – not even one image in this post? Eh – I can forgive my 2008 self for just wanting to get the thing started. – John H-F, February 2018  


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