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John checking in on a rainy, windy day here.

We have a number of things to write about this week, but I’ll start today with the new links that we’ve added to the site.

As you may have gathered, Lisa and I are new around this here blogosphere. While we learn about creating a fun and enjoyable blog, we have been reading other bloggers who have gone before us. When we stumble upon a good one, we will be more than happy to shine a little light on them.

Chris Pesotski’s Another Delco Guy in South Jersey is a fun little place where he shares his thoughts on sports, food, beer and life in general. When I saw a pic of a glass of Ommegang on his site, I knew he was good people. And he’s also a Phillies phan, which is the good, right and true way to be.

One person who probably doesn’t need our help in spreading the word about their blog is Jen Miller. Her Down the Shore with Jen site is a daily smorgasbord of good, useful information about the Jersey Shore area. She’s also written a travel book about the Atlantic City-to-Cape May shore area, and it seems to be doing well. She’s already posted a comment on our site, so that alone makes her the bestest person ever.

Steve Chernoski is causing unrest in our house! He’s made a documentary called new jersey: the movie, where he attempts to find the “border” between North Jersey and South Jersey. If that weren’t enough, he has a companion blog, Where is the line between North & South Jersey?, where the debate can now be taken to the streets. Example? He asks if Flemington is considered North or South Jersey. To me, it’s North. I ask Lisa, and she says South. I say that’s it’s north of Trenton, she says that Flemington acts like it’s in South Jersey. A line in the sand has been drawn. So thanks, Steve…thanks a bunch.

Much less controversial but still a fun read is Mike Staff’s South Jersey Places. It’s a slice of life narrative that describes local restaurants and other shops in a very straightforward manner. The places he talks about are typical to what you find in South Jersey, so those who live here can identify with them right away.

Last, but certainly not least…I got this cousin named Margo. Margo is very passionate about a number of things, but the state of our oceans is right near the top of her list. So much so, in fact, that she embarked on a trip last year via outrigger canoe from Miami to Maine to help bring awareness to this issue. If you care about our oceans, please read Margo Pellegrino’s Miami2Maine site and find out how you can get involved.


3 thoughts on “Other Sites We Like

  1. John – Thanks for the plug bud! i have added you to the blogroll and will be looking to visit a few of your reviewed restaurants. Do i know you physically or are we just virtual blog buddies?

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