A word or two about Take-Out Menus

John here.

If you’re like us, that would be kinda weird. But seriously, if you’re like us, and you’ve lived in one location for a few years, you tend to accumulate a number of take-out menus. Of course, you’re going to have your staples: an Italian pizza place, a Chinese place that has a ‘special brown sauce’ for every other dish, and a sub/hoagie shop. After that, the variations can be endless. Here’s a list of what menus we have right now (most of the names have been omitted to protect the innocent):

* One (1) BBQ joint
* Four (4) Italian places (our old standby; the newer, better place; our older old standby when we first moved in and didn’t know any better; and the place we’ll probably never order from, but hey…4 is better than 3)
* One (1) Chinese (is the Chef’s brown sauce really all that different from the brown sauce?)
* One (1) sub shop
* Surf Taco (hey, it’s the Jersey Shore…it should be standard issue in every home)
* One (1) Japanese steak house and sushi joint
* Three (3) seafood restaurants (one of which I don’t think even exists anymore)
* One (1) Portuguese place (new, and very good)
* One (1) Polish restaurant (haven’t ordered from there in a while…good stuff)
* One (1) soup and sammich place
* One (1) bagel place
* Two (2) Mexican restaurants (neither of which starts with ‘taco’ and ends with ‘bell’)
* One (1) Indian place
* Wait a minute…Italian Place #5!
* One (1) we-got-this-menu-two-years-ago-with-good-intentions-and-STILL-haven’t-ordered-there-yet restaurant
* Sweet Jenny’s, but why take-out when you can just go and enjoy yourself there?
* And, a menu for Gaetano’s Steaks, Subs & Pizza (the best thing to come from Willingboro, and that includes Carl Lewis)

Honestly, I don’t feel that I’m truly settled into a home until we have a fat stack of menus shoved into some drawer. And this brings me to this thought: if you’re moving, there can be no better housewarming gift to leave the next owner/tenant of your soon-to-be former space than your take-out menus. Think about it: they may be new to the area, and having the menus would help get them acclimated. Also, they might not be able to find their pot or pan for a few days, much less try to cook, so those menus may be a real life saver.

So…what menus do YOU have stuffed in a drawer?

Honestly, one could really do a blog just on take-out menus (and I’m sure somebody already has at this point). You can tell a lot about a person from the company and take-out menus they keep. Still have a menu from a place that closed down years ago? You might have an issue with letting go. Just sayin’. That place is never coming back. Accept it! – John H-F, February 2018 


One thought on “A word or two about Take-Out Menus

  1. Gotta agree on the Gaetano’s! As a Delco guy – Delco is the HOME of great steaks and hoagies – I am pretty darn picky, but these guys do it right!

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