Restaurants We’re Itching To Go To…and More Links

John here. See…Lisa really does exist. And no, contrary to one person who wrote to me, I am not sleeping on the couch because I called her Ms. Morning Sickness. You see, we have an understanding: that is, I understand that Lisa reserves the right to kick my butt once she starts feeling better. (By the way, we got to see our baby-to-be yesterday via sonogram. So far, everything is looking good!)

The list of restaurants that we want to go to is getting longer and longer. Here’s just a sampling of what we’re itching to try:

* The Pop Shop (Collingswood) – The soda fountain goes modern, but doesn’t leave the kitschy fun behind. Just read the menu; I dare you not to get a giggle out of some of the items. I happily blame Jen Miller’s blog for bringing this place to our attention. Collingswood a foodie town…who knew? But that’s a topic for another day.

* Mud City Crab House (Manahawkin) – Been around for a few years, and we’ve received a number of glowing reviews from friends. We tried last summer to get a reservation, and were told that the wait was two hours…so that speaks volumes.

* Shut Up And Eat (Toms River) – A breakfast place that has developed a bit of a cult following. The waitstaff are dressed in pajamas, as if you’re back home and being served by your mom (you even get a discount if you wear jammies). The food is supposed to be very good.

* Rich’s Ice Cream (Toms River) – Actually, we’ve been here many times. We’re always itching to go to Rich’s once they open their place up every spring.

We’ve been steadily adding new links. For the food links, we have been adding sites to try to cover the entire South Jersey region. For Monmouth and Ocean Counties, we have the blog from the Asbury Park Press’ Andrea Clurfeld. The Dining section of The Press of Atlantic City covers, well, Atlantic City as well as Atlantic County. The Food & Entertaining blog at is good for the Burlington and Camden County areas. The South Jersey Life food blog comes from the Gloucester County Times. We’ve also included the Visit South Jersey Dining Guide as an overall source. The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey site is here because we are big supporters of organic farming. And…it would not be a proper foodie site without a link to Chowhound.

For the non-food link-lover in you, there’s the South Jersey Video Magazine. The title pretty much gives it away: video stories focusing on South Jersey. And then there’s Tris McCall. Musician. Writer. Weisenheimer. Friend of a Friend. Lover of New Jersey.

Spoiler alert: we eventually made it to The Pop Shop, Mud City and Shut Up and Eat! But read on and find out how those experiences went! – John H-F, March 2018


4 thoughts on “Restaurants We’re Itching To Go To…and More Links

  1. Dear Mr and Ms Morning Sickness,I am a girl from Spain, married to a guy called Billllllllllll and I want to congrat both of you for the Greatttttttttt news. It has been so long since we got together, this summer we have to see each other, in the SOUTH JERSEY and we have to go to taste some of the food places you are talking about in your Blog. We also have some good news to share with you, Bill, Stella and I are moving next week, we got a little condo in Bayonne. Anyway, I am not going to tell you anymore, we will see each other soon I hope. We miss you guys!Sara.

  2. I’ll tell you that you need to get out to Mud City just as soon as the better half is feeling up to a good meal.It’s about as good as it gets in that neck of the woods.

  3. Go to the Pop Shop! It’s one of my favorites! And, yes, Collingswood is a HUGE foodie town — Phila. Magazine named it Best Restaurant Town. Another must do is the Tortilla Press, and the Saturday farmer’s markets are excellent.

  4. We need to do some Collingswood exploring, since we’ve been living under a rock evidently. đŸ™‚

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