Support Your Local Farmers Market

Happy Thursday morning!

The turn of the seasons from spring to summer brings out one of the things we love as food enthusiasts: the opening of farmers markets and roadside stands around the state. In this age of higher gas prices and tainted produce, going to your local farmers market to get your fruits and vegetables becomes a better and better option. And you cannot beat the freshness.

I started doing research, trying to find all of the community farmers markets that will be open this summer in South Jersey, digging through webpage after webpage. Then I went to the Jersey Fresh site and found they had already done all of the work for me. I wish I knew that a couple of days ago. Anyway, check out the Jersey Fresh site. They even have a listing of all the roadside markets and pick your own farms.

I will add that a community farmers market was to open in Stone Harbor this year, but it looks like that will be delayed until at least the end of this month. The Stone Harbor farm market is slated to take place Sundays from 8AM to 12PM at the Water Tower parking lot on 95th St. We will let you know if we hear any updates.

Update: Just read an article in the Press of Atlantic City about how this week’s heat wave hurt some crops. Hope you got to taste some fresh strawberries already.

Research. If there’s one thing that I found out about myself while embarking on this blogging trip is that I love to do research. And, given the lack of really good sources that the time, it made for some difficulties. But, it was so very rewarding to become a resource for food-mad folks. – John H-F, April 2018


3 thoughts on “Support Your Local Farmers Market

  1. Hey John: thanks for the note. Also, not sure where you guys are in Jersey, but check out for fresh produce. We joined this year and P picked up out first pickup on Tuesday and it was absolutely incredible! Great lookinig produce, and I love the fact that we pick up there weekly! Great stuff! Cheers! -Mark

  2. Thanks for the links, guys. Lisa checked out the Fernbrook site and loved it. I recently came across Edible Jersey while doing sone online reserach. John

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