Looking Back a Bit on Last Weekend

John checking in today. Lisa’s been feeling better lately, and she has Julian signed up for swimming lessons and summer day camp (all part of Operation: Get Kid Busy Outdoors), so I expect that she will be writing more often.

Dorothy Hoversen was kind enough to send some pictures of the Blueberry Festival held at Trinity Episcopal Church in Moorestown last Friday. Looks like they had a goodie-o foodie-o time:




Here’s what Dorothy had to say about the festival:

“It was a lovely night. The weather cooperated nicely. About 300 people came out to enjoy the freshly picked blueberries on top of homemade desserts of all kinds and a heaping portion of Bassets Vanilla Ice Cream. Most left with either homemade blueberry preserves, blueberry truffles or pints of freshly picked blueberries from Hammonton, New Jersey.”

Mmmmmmm…blueberry truffles…

I’m sorry; got lost for a moment there. We’re planning on getting our blueberry fix this Sunday at the Red, White & Blueberry Festival in Hammonton.

Speaking of festivals, here are write-ups for the Taste of South Jersey and the Baymen’s Seafood and Music Festival. We’ll have our own say about the latter later. (Say ‘latter later’ 10 times fast…I dare ya!)

We’re going to try Shut Up and Eat in Toms River for lunch tomorrow. We’ll let you know how it went.



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