Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blueberry!

Whew! Consider this weekend seized, then throttled!

e576b-img_0432 (2)


Despite the 90+ temps and hideous humidity yesterday, we braved the Red, White, and Blueberry Festival in Hammonton (“The Blueberry Capital of the World!”). It was worth it-one of the better festivals this summer. Classic cars; plenty of rides for Mr. Julian-pants; live music (including a good cover band called The Nudies); and lots of vendors selling fun toys, chachkies, and of course, EVERYTHING BLUEBERRY!


We sampled fresh blueberries,
blueberry IMG_0458 (2)doughnuts, homemade blueberry crisp, homemade blueberry ice cream and milkshakes, and Jersey Blues blueberry iced tea. The highlight for me, though, was stopping by the Blueberry Factory’s (“NJ’s only all blueberry store”) stand, where we sampled blueberry barbecue sauce, blueberry mustard, and-yes-blueberry salsa. I love when food gets combined in strange and creative ways, though sometimes the results can be disastrous, I’ll admit. But the salsa actually worked: it had a sweet, mild heat, but it was tempered with enough spices and savory ingredients to avoid it being cloying. Yet it was definitely blueberry! It was so good, we bought a jar. If you’re interested in lots of crazy blueberry stuff, you can go online and check out the link above (and no, they didn’t pay me to mention them!).

The non-blueberry fare was lots of typical, yummy, junky festival food (cheesesteaks, butterfly fries, etc.), but I got a kick out of the Jersey-centric stand we chose:

IMG_0438 (2)

Yes, I had a pork roll and cheese and John had an Italian hot dog, so sue us.

In that heat, the key was to sample and share everything in bits. And thank God for the shaded tents and my sister-in-law’s grabbing ice and applying it to the nape of my neck-being 4 months pregnant, I forgot myself and almost got heat exhaustion!

In the end, we were glad we got there in the morning; by 3PM, the thunderstorms moved in, and we were exhausted. You know, we never found out if the pie-eating contest ever got underway (it was delayed because of the rain). Maybe we’ll see it next year, because we’ll be back.

Later that evening, we had dinner at a new Thai place (Thai-yay!) in Egg Harbor-but that’s for another post!


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