Summertime & the Living is Easy. And Uneasy…

This morning, I was reveling in the fact that our family has fully recovered from a mild stomach virus that invaded our home (ugh), Julian was able to attend camp today (yay, some peace!), and I was able to put together a peach pie that I’ve been intending to make all week. As I peeled and sliced up those juicy orbs, I reflected on some of the more disturbing news items popping up about our food supply lately…

Well, the good news is that the tomato salmonella scare is mostly over. Uncle Sam says it’s OK to eat them again, even though no one’s sure what happened or why, just yet. However, New Jersey grown tomatoes were given the green light at the beginning of the month. Looks like supporting your local farmer is not only politically correct and tasty, but could save your life.

Ever hear about that 2006 study that predicted a total seafood collapse by 2048? Sadly, it is beginning to come to pass. Yesterday, an AP story ran about the severe decline of the famous Maryland Blue Crab: “…the crabbing business here isn’t just dying. It’s already dead.” No more heading to the Inner Harbor for crab cakes; or to Fell’s Point for a table on the bay, a good beer, and a wooden mallet to work on a pile of just-boiled crabs. Why? Overfishing and water pollution (by the way…did you know that chemical fertilizers used on your lawn drain into the street sewers when it rains, and many empty directly into your local bay?…). Check out our cousin Margo’s website to see what she’s doing for our oceans and simple things you can do, too. And here’s a list of good choices vs. bad choices to take with you when heading to the fish market or dining out, so we can slow the demand for over fished seafood.

The good news is that these situations are not hopeless, according to the scientists. We just need to make some changes. I always believed that humans are usually dragged kicking and screaming into change, and only when it becomes too painful not to (as in: it affects us directly); it’s not a horrible thing, it’s just who we are and how we work. But I think the phone is not only ringing, it’s SCREAMING at us about what we are doing to our earth and our food supply (one of our very basic needs for life) and it’s time to answer it. The good news is that we can all make small changes that are no big potatoes to us on a daily basis, but would have a huge impact in the long run. What can I say, besides…FOODIES, LET’S LEAD THE WAY- EAT WISELY! -Lisa


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