Friday Food News and Events Roundup

Another week just flew right on by, and here we are again looking forward to another fun weekend. Lots of stuff going on this weekend – like the NJ State Ice Cream Festival tomorrow! Did I mention that I love ice cream? If ice cream is not your thing (perish the thought), maybe you’ll be interested in these events:

* The Merchants of Venice Seafood Festival in Ocean City is tonight!
* Tomorrow (7/19), you have the annual Caribbean Carnival over in Wiggins Park in Camden and the Asian festival Fusion 2008 in Cherry Hill at the D&Q Plaza (we might be going there after the Ice Cream Festival).
* If you’re into the history of food, you have two exhibits: the Foodways & Folklife demonstrations taking place tomorrow and Sunday down in Historic Cold Spring Village, and the “Key Ingredients: America By Food” exhibit opening in Woodbine tomorrow and running until 8/31.

As always, check the Festivals of Food link for more details on each event.

And a couple of news items from the past few days…

* Aaron McCargo is now one of the three final candidates for the Next Food Network’s Star competition. Sounds like momentum may be on his side. We shall see.

* The Garden State Wine Growers Association announced their winners for this year’s wine competition. Some of these are South Jersey-based wineries. By the way, I didn’t know that New Jersey was the 5th-largest producer of wine in this country. Interesting.

Enjoy your weekend!

One thought on “Friday Food News and Events Roundup

  1. I'm serving both Tomasello & Valenzano wines at my birthday party tonight (80 percent of the food is local, too). I'll usually bring bottles of Tomasello's Cape May Red or Cape May White to parties, and they're always a hit. The Valenzano cranberry wine is PERFECT around the holidays.Glad to know they both won awards!

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