Friday (into Saturday) Foodstuffs – 8.8.08

Technically, I’m posting this early Saturday, but it’s still Friday in most of the US of A (so there…nyah).

Although my week off from my regular job got off to a less than rousing start, things have picked up the last couple of days. I FINALLY got to the beach on Thursday (I mean, I only live near Barnegat Bay; it’s not like I have to drive a long distance or something) and enjoyed a whole afternoon of playing in the ocean with Julian and soaking up the rays. Some areas soaked up a few too many rays, if you know that I mean, and I’m still feeling a bit of sunburn. Today, we ate at one of the well-known Jersey shore icons: The Circus Drive-In in Wall Township. More on that experience will be forthcoming.

On the Festivals of Food front (say that five times fast), a rather light schedule of events taking place this weekend. The Atlantic County 4-H Fair will have their last day of events on Saturday, and on Sunday you have the Atlantic County Puerto Rican Parade & Latin Music Festival in Atlantic City. That’s pretty much it. Looking ahead to next week you have the Women’s Community Club of Cape May Peach Festival on Tuesday and the Long Beach Island Historical Association’s Chocolate Festival on Thursday.

And it wouldn’t be a Friday Foodstuffs posting without some food articles, right?


(Psssst…this is the part where you say ‘Of course, John! Couldn’t start my weekend without it!’)

* The World’s Largest Crepe (unofficially) was revealed to a captive and hungry audience in Ocean City.

* Rob Seitzinger not only writes a nice food blog, but he also has created an ice cream flavor being served at Springer’s Homemade Ice Cream in Stone Harbor. Read about it and the reason behind the flavor.

* The Curious Case of Joe Pepe’s Pizzeria comes to a close.

* Food Network’s Dave Lieberman will be at the Ocean County Mall on Saturday, and not for shopping – although he may find time to do that as well.

And finally, I was able to watch most of the debut of Aaron McCargo’s Food Network show last Sunday. His show, ‘Big Daddy’s House’, was typical of most cooking shows you can watch. There were two things that stuck out for me: first, you can’t help but like the guy’s personality and attitude – very positive and upbeat without being over the top, and second, his advocating cooking with your kids is something I as a parent really appreciated.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

– John


One thought on “Friday (into Saturday) Foodstuffs – 8.8.08

  1. Cooking with kids is especially fun and fulfilling. My daughter Emma LOVES to spend time in the kitchen. She started as a “dumper,” meaning that she dumped pre-measured ingredients into bowls. Now she can pretty much follow any kitchen instruction properly. She’s still working on the hand mixer thought!

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