Friday Foodstuffs – 9.5.08

You’ll have to excuse us – we’re a bit off our game this week. Julian suddenly became a schoolkid with afterschool activities. When did THIS happen? He was just born like last week…right? Well, sometimes it just seems that way. And yet, at the same time, it becomes harder and harder to remember a time before he was a part of our lives.

Lisa will soon have our dinner at Sea Salt in Stone Harbor posted. Wonderful place, that Sea Salt.

Well, the summer edition of the Festivals of Food is coming to a close. In a couple of weeks, the fall edition will be posted. For those who liked the summer edition, we’ll try to make the fall one even more informative. And for those of you who didn’t like the summer edition of the Festivals of Food, you’re a bunch of poopieheads and nobody really likes you anyway – they told me as much, so ha ha HA!

OK, so that was a bit childish. Maybe I should just get to the upcoming events then…

* The “Key Ingredients: America By Food” exhibit moves from Woodbine to the Tuckerton Seaport starting on Saturday. At some point, we’ll have to attend the exhibit.

* Seaside Heights is having its seafood festival on Sunday.

* Island Beach State Park will be hosting its annual Beach Plum Festival on Sunday as well.

In addition to these events, we can also add:

* The opening of the Pitman Terminal Market will be tomorrow.

* A Polish festival is taking place in Cherry Hill this Sunday.

* The Caesars Celebrity Chef Series continues on Sunday with Jersey-born Tom Colicchio.

And lastly, some items of note from the past week…

* Thankfully, the shellfish ban for the Delaware Bay has been lifted.

* The Courier-Post had an article this week about one of the great South Jersey activities – crabbing.

* Jersey cranberry season is just about upon us.

* Neighbors in Marlton come together through the power of ice cream.

* The State of New Jersey vs Pearl Restaurant in Somers Point

* Slow Food Nation had its big event this past weekend out in San Francisco.

Looks like Hanna will be dumping a lot of rain on us Saturday, so please be careful this weekend.


One thought on “Friday Foodstuffs – 9.5.08

  1. Love your calendar! In case you get a chance, the Polish festival is so much fun! I live near there and it is good inexpensive food, polish dancers, games for kids and run by the nicest Polish women. (My son went to their preschool). Have a great weekend!

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