It’s Going To Get Busy

Lisa is now into Week 32 of the pregnancy, which means that the day of delivery is fast approaching. In the next few weeks we will be visiting the hospital, interviewing potential doulas, getting all of the baby stuff down from the attic, setting up a nursery, planning Julian’s birthday party (on the early side because of the baby’s due date), and so on and so on. Oh, yeah, and find a little time to write for the blog.

This weekend is also going to be very busy if you’re feeling Festivals of Food-ish. I will get into the loooooonnnnng list of events tomorrow. There is one event that is kicking off today, and that is the Greek Agora Festival, which is taking place at the St Thomas Greek Orthodox Church in Cherry Hill. The festival will run through Sunday, and the hours are from 11AM to 1AM each day…heck, the thing’s already started!!! By the way, thanks to Lisa of Jersey Girl Cooks fame for catching this one; a few get by me once in a while.

Hey, if you enjoy dining in Cape May, check out The Artful Diner’s take on some of the restaurants there. What I like about TAD is that he’s not afraid to tweak the noses of well-established places that may be living a bit too much on their reputations.

The Courier-Post has an article today that talks about the “Main Streets” of South Jersey. There are a number of towns here that do have lovely main streets (Haddon Ave in Collingswood, for example) with great places to eat. If you’re looking for a away to spend an afternoon, a stroll and a meal along one of these streets could be a nice option.

A Wildwood landmark is closing after 86 years. Russo’s Restaurant will be serving its last meal Saturday night.

And finally…is the Presidential election driving you to drink? Well, the Gypsy Bar at the Borgata in Atlantic City may help you see the lighter side of things with candidate-themed cocktails.

– John


One thought on “It’s Going To Get Busy

  1. John! I never got your email address from Greg, so hopefully you get this. I’m in China now but email me at if you’re still interested in the Fab Faux on Nov 1 at 4p in New Brunswick. Glad I remembered you posted on my food blog, and now I know why! That would have been a whole other discussion at my house…

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