Friday Foodstuffs 10.10.08: Enjoy Yourself

I can probably guess what’s first and foremost of everyone’s mind: the economy and the financial markets. In my regular job, I follow this stuff all day, so I can certainly understand the concern. In fact, I’m so concerned that I’m actually typing this from under my desk, so if you see any spelling errors it’s because I can’t see the screen.

Just kidding.

The reality is this: we don’t really know what’s going to happen. So, my advice to you is to make the most of every day and to find time for enjoyment. There’s no point in living if all we’re going to do is be fearful and anxious.

And we’re here to help! Well, we’re here to give you ideas about food events happening around South Jersey, anyway. This time, we’ll divide things up by county (just to be different), and you can play along in the home version of the “Which County is Having Lots of Events” game! How do you play? Well, take a look at the list, and guess which county has the most events taking place this weekend. Please do not ask for any hints, because none will be provided (so there, nyah).

Ready? OK…here goes:

* Italian Festival – Showboat, Atlantic City. 10/11-13. Article on event here.
* Anthony Bourdain – Caesars, Atlantic City. 10/12 @ 1PM.

* Apple Festival at Kirby’s Mill – Medford. 10/11.

* Greek Agora Festival – Cherry Hill. 10/11-13. Article on event here.

* Indian Summer Weekend – Ocean City. 10/10-13.
* Lima Bean Festival – West Cape May. 10/11. Article on event here.
* Columbus Day Parade and Italian Festival – Sea Isle City. 10/11.
* Octoberfest – North Wildwood. 10/11-12.
* Chamber of Commerce Seafood Festival – Avalon. 10/11-12. Article on event here.
* Cape May Wine Festival – Cape May. 10/11-12.
* Chocolate Fantasy Buffet – Washington Inn, Cape May. 10/12. Event is now SOLD OUT!

* Deerfield Twp Harvest Festival – Rosenhayn. 10/10-12. Article on event here.

* Unity Day Celebration – Glassboro. 10/11.
* Mullica Hill Fall Festival – Mullica Hill. 10/11-12.

* Italian Street Festival – Seaside Heights. 10/10-12. Article on event here.
* Pine Barrens Jamboree – Wells Mills Park, Waretown. 10/11. Article on event here.

* Pedricktown Day – Pedricktown. 10/11.

Did you guess which county? Take your time before you answer.

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope you have fun.

– John


3 thoughts on “Friday Foodstuffs 10.10.08: Enjoy Yourself

  1. I live 10 mins from the Greek Agora Festival.All my life I would pass & say I wanna go, I wanna go.Finally, a few years back, a friend & I hit it up.We were so disappointed.Hated the food.Sad, isn't it??

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