Olga’s Diner is Closed…Again

The financial problems for Marlton’s Olga’s Diner and its owner John Stavros have resurfaced once again as the well-known eatery had to shut its doors yet again. This is now the third time that Olga’s has had to close this year due to monies owed. At this point, there’s no indication as to when the diner will reopen.

Listen, I know that Olga’s is an institution and many people have fond memories of the place, but at some point this has to come to an end. From my own experience, as well as hearing from others, Olga’s hasn’t been cooking up good diner food for quite some time. Unless someone is willing to come in and buy the place, I don’t see how Olga’s will be able to survive. With so many restaurant choices now available around the Route 70 & 73 circle, the competition may just be too much. While it would be sad to see Olga’s go, it would be sadder still to see this place continue to flounder and be openly ridiculed (read some of the comments on the linked articles, and you’ll see what I mean).

If you didn’t know (and what’s wrong with you if you didn’t???), we’re in the middle of South Jersey Restaurant Week. Check here to see which places are participating and what will be served on their menus.

Down Atlantic City way, Morton’s Steakhouse at Caesars is having a Tour of Italy Wine Dinner on 10/24 starting at 6:30PM. The cost is $125 per person.

I hope to have a post up on our experience at the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival later today.

– John


4 thoughts on “Olga’s Diner is Closed…Again

  1. I had heard a while ago that Olga’s was going to close and be demolished as part of getting rid of the circle. Regardless, enough is enough – I think the writing is on the wall for Olga’s and the writing say “thanks for the memories, but we must say good bye!”

  2. It is kind of sad about Olga’s but you are right. I live a mile or two from there and have not gone there in years because there are so many better places.

  3. The thing that Olga’s has going for it is that it’s building is not a faux diner. It would be great for someone to buy the place and start putting out good quality diner and comfort food.

  4. the things Olga’s DOESN’T have going for it though is food or service.since those are 2 of the 4 basics for a restaurant (the others being location and ambiance), Olga’s is going to struggle.it might be time …

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