We’re Worldwide Today – World Series, World Cuisine, World of Food Bloggers

I’m blogging today, but my mind is on tonight’s Game 5 of the World Series. I’m hoping to party like it’s 1980. Little did I know back then – as I sat in front the TV in my parents’ living room in Willingboro watching Tug McGraw whiff Willie Wilson for the final out – that the next time this would potentially be happening I would be married with one child and another on the way…and had met the requirements to run for President.

So I’m looking for a great 7 innings from Cole, a homerun here and there from Howard, Utley and Burrell (he’s due), and Lidge shutting the door. That’s all. 🙂

So…you up for Diwali? Do you know what Diwali even is? Well, honestly, neither did I. It is the Indian festival of lights, and it is celebrated either in October or November, depending on when the first day of the lunar Kartika month falls. This year, it’s October 28th and if I’m losing you, just read here to get more information. And while you’re reading, you may want to consider enjoying a night of food and celebration at Coriander Indian Bistro in Voorhees. Coriander is having a special Diwali dinner buffet and craft bazaar tonight and tomorrow night. We have not been to Coriander yet, but it’s on the list – we’ve know that it is considered one of the top Indian restaurants in South Jersey, if not the very best, period.

Buzz buzz buzz…no, I don’t have a bee costume on; I’m buzzing about Foodbuzz, of course! One of the very cool events that Foodbuzz is running every month is something called 24, 24, 24. What’s that? Well, yes, but BESIDES equaling 72, this event is called 24, 24, 24 because there are 24 different bloggers from around the world planning 24 different food experiences over a 24-hour period for this event. To help give you a flavor (heh heh…food humor), watch this:

Pretty cool, huh? If you’re interested, check out the Foodbuzz website. I have an idea for participating in the 24, 24, 24 next spring – but it’s a secret for now.

Go Phillies!!!

– John


2 thoughts on “We’re Worldwide Today – World Series, World Cuisine, World of Food Bloggers

  1. John,Funny how South Jersey people love Philly teams.We being New Yorkers (North Jersey) are Mets, Yankees or Giants fans!Good luck PHillies!Stacey

  2. Too bad the game got rained out in the 5th. The last time the Phillies won I was in college. Hopefully they will win again while my son is in college.

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