We’re On Baby Watch!

Baby Watch is now on yellow alert!

Lisa hits Week 38 on Wednesday, so we could be making our way to the hospital any day now. So while we get on with the packing and making arrangements for Julian, here’s some restaurant happenings that are going on:

In the last post, I mentioned that South Jersey’s Off The Hook is taking place this week. There’s another fixed price event that’s also happening from the 17th to the 21st. OpenTable.com, the online restaurant reservation service, is having an Appetite Stimulus Plan with participating restaurants. Dinner will go for $35, and lunch will be $24. Participants restaurants include blueplate in Mullica Hill, La Campagne in Cherry Hill and The ChopHouse in Gibbsboro.

Select restaurants at the Atlantic City casinos are also running deals during the week to attract diners in this economy.

For those not as cost-conscious, Blackbird in Collingswood is having a special Truffle Dinner on the 20th. The dinner is $95 for four courses.

Still can’t decide what to do for Thanksgiving? Maybe a special holiday celebration at Renault Winery would be just the thing.

If you still want to do Thanksgiving at home, here’s some money-saving suggestions.

– John

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