How We Spent Our Thanksgiving

Yeah, it’s been some time since we’ve posted. You might be wondering where we’ve been. Well, we’ve been a bit busy. Thanksgiving, being such a food holiday, is prime real estate for food bloggers to post favorite Turkey Day recipes, live updates on their own family’s meal, and so on and so forth. So where’s our Thanksgiving story?

Our story started on Thanksgiving Day at 1:45AM. That’s the time when Lisa was woken out of a dead sleep feeling contractions. By 2:30, the contractions were 6 to 7 minutes apart, and she woke me up with the news, delivered with a combination of excitement, anxiousness and a bit of surprise. It wasn’t that Lisa was surprised that she was going into labor – it was the sudden rapidity of events.

Thankfully, we had been more or less packed for a couple of weeks and were ready. Now we moved into action – half-asleep, half-adrenaline pumped action. We called our doula. We called the hospital. We called Lisa’s dad to come watch Julian. The contractions were getting stronger and closer. By the time our doula got to the house, it was time to get to the hospital.

After a relatively quick and slightly over the speed limit drive up the Parkway, we arrived at the hospital around 4AM. The contractions were getting more and more intense, and the initial examination of Lisa’s status made it clear why: she was already 7 centimeters dilated!

Up to the birthing room we went. By the time Lisa’s doctor showed up and examined her, she was at 9 centimeters. Three pushes later, and once again we were blessed with the miracle of life:

Say hello to Elizabeth Chiara Howard-Fusco! All 6 lbs and 12 ounces of her.

So…you might be thinking “What did you guys do for Thanksgiving dinner?” Well, here’s another story that had a happy ending.

When we first toured this hospital some time ago, we were told about how the maternity ward had its own chef and made good meals for the moms (dads eat free for dinner!). Well, what they failed to mention was that the chef evidently didn’t work holidays – so we were eating pressed turkey for lunch on Turkey Day. Thankfully, Lisa’s parents came through for dinner with leftovers from their Thanksgiving dinner. The holiday was saved! So while Lisa and I played Pass The Stuffing, Lisa’s parents and sister played Pass The Baby.

This Thanksgiving once again reminded us that one of the greatest things to be thankful for -and why this holiday is so beloved – is being together with family. And we have been blessed with a new and beautiful edition to ours.

We’ll try to get back into the swing of things blog-wise, but please be patient while we reside in Babyland for a little while.

– John


11 thoughts on “How We Spent Our Thanksgiving

  1. Wow – she made it to the hospital right on time! If you’re planning on a 3rd, you might want to move into the maternity ward about a month before the due date. :-)Congratulations again on the newest addition to your family!

  2. I had been with my brother at his thanksgiving party last year. It was nicely decorated with pieces of long strings hooked up above the walls across the room. There were colored papers too with different shades of green and yellow. We enjoyed the hilarious memory game among us.

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