Year-End Review, Part One: These Are a Few of My Favorite Blogs

Well, we’re coming to the end of an a very historic and turbulent year. On a personal level, it certainly has been eventful, between starting the blog and bringing a new child into this world. I’d like to take a bit of time over the next two weeks to look back at some of the more memorable people, places and events we have experienced that made an impression on Lisa and myself.

When we started this blog, the one thing we certainly could not have predicted was the people we would meet as we ventured out into the blogosphere. I have to say that, overall, we have chatted with a great number of wonderful fellow bloggers. With very few exceptions, people have been very positive and encouraging.

I could go on and on about all the blogs I like – mainly because there are so many good ones out there! But, I decided to limit myself to eleven blogs that I really enjoy. I’m not presenting them in a Top Ten sort of format because this is not a contest – and because there are, well, eleven of them (it goes to 11). The listing is more chronological…sort of. Just take my word for it; it’ll make sense as you read along. Don’t look at me like that. Trust me.

When I first started reading about how to get traffic on one’s blog, one of the regular suggestions made was to check out other blogs and make comments. Since our focus was going to be South Jersey, I figured that I should check out South Jersey-centric blogs. And I came across two that I liked very much: Down The Shore with Jen and Another Delco Guy in South Jersey. I like Jen Miller’s site because it is informative, funny and comes from the voice a true Jerseyite who is not ashamed of being one. I like Chris Pesotski’s site not only for its humor, but because it reminds me that my roots are more towards the Philly side of Jersey versus the NYC side where I lived for a number of years. I also mention these two because they were very supportive early on in the life of our blog with their comments. We were able to meet Jen at Bookfest 2008 in Toms River and she couldn’t have been nicer.

As nice as it was to come across these guys, I wanted to find food blogs that were Jersey in nature. In my searching, I stumbled across a little social network called Jersey Biters – Jersey folks cooking and eating right here. So I signed up to join, and was soon in contact with The Head Biter, you might say: Deborah Smith. Since I have known Deb, I have come to this conclusion: she is a force of nature. She gets an idea, and she just goes for it. She also has such a passion and love for cooking, and it comes through very much in her own blog Jersey Bites.

The great thing about Jersey Biters is that I have been able to come in contact with a nice group of fellow food enthusiasts that “get” Jersey. I could mention every single one, but there’s five that I particularly like: 1) I have had the pleasure of meeting Bill and reading his House Hubby’s Home Cookin’ blog; a good man and a good blog. 2) Jersey Girl Cooks is a great blog; visually very appealing, full of good recipes and overall very fun to read. Lisa comes across as a very sweet person – and her husband’s name is John, so we’ll be all confused if both Lisa and I AND Lisa and John go to an event together! 3) Patsy’s Family, Friends and Food blog is also an enjoyable read – lots of recipes, including a number of cookie recipes. Yum! 4) Cleveland rocks, so I’m told, and so does our Jerseyite from Cleveland – Michele and her Life, Lightly Salted blog. Nice recipes delivered with great sense of humor. 5) Finally, Elizabeth Stelling (professional chef, writer, poet, southerner, all-around good person) is constantly putting out great recipes at her The Behind the Wheel Chef blog. Definitely worth reading.

Even though our blog is very Jersey-centric, I do enjoy reading and learning about foods in other parts of the country and the world. Back in July, Lisa and I joined a foodie social network called Foodbuzz. All of the sudden, we could now connect with food enthusiasts from literally all corners of the globe. Again, there are so many good food blogs out there, but there are three that I really do enjoy reading on a regular basis. 1) Jessie Cross’ The Hungry Mouse blog just makes me smile. I love the recipes, especially the ones for ribs, and she has such a great sense of humor. 2) Ditto for Jo and her The Adventures of Kitchen Girl blog. I also want to mention that having chatted with Jo via twitter (we’re fellow twitts!), I think that she has such a positive energy. She’s good peeps. 3) Some years ago, Lisa and I took a trip down to Charleston SC and Savannah GA and fell in love with the food of the area. That love affair got rekindled for me thanks to Doug DuCap and his Hugging The Coast blog. Great writing and recipes can be found here.

Looking forward to finding more fun blogs to read in 2009!

More on Blogging Out Hunger…

Elizabeth Thompson at her This Full House blog is doing her part to help raise funds for the FoodBank. For every comment she receives for this post, Stop & Shop will donate $1 up to 300 comments. I’ve already done so…how about you?

Two more stories out of Vineland about school kids doing their part to help collect food for their local food bank.

– John


8 thoughts on “Year-End Review, Part One: These Are a Few of My Favorite Blogs

  1. Wow – to be mentioned in the same paragraph as Jen A. Miller’s work is high praise indeed!I’m a big fan of your site and I enjoy all the reviews and food stuff, but I am really enjoying the baby-centric posts! Maybe it’s time for a baby blog!!

  2. Awe, returning the love you guys. Thanks for the kudos. You guys are great.Have a wonderful holiday and New Year.

  3. Thanks for the great mention John! 🙂 You have picked fantastic blogs for your faves. I’m so thankful that we have such a warm, friendly and strong blogging community here in Jersey.

  4. Hey, guys. Thanks for the shout out! You’ve been great to read. Also, the Winter issue of Edible Jersey is just out — with Lisa’s comments about detergent. Let me know if you need me to mail you one!

  5. Aww, man. I’m honored! Thanks so much. So glad to have met you guys out here in the ether. Love your blog. :DAnd you’re so right about it being a crazy year! Here’s to a fine and fabulous 2009! +Jessiea.k.a. The Hungry Mouse

  6. I finally got my husband to read your site…he will not write though, or cook, and says that is my job around here…Thanks!Give those kids of yours a good hug from us and the baby an extra tickle monster on the tummy…you know the kind where you blow really hard on their skin and it makes them laugh!Merry Christmas…

  7. Gee! Yanno, I was sure I commented here… but I guess I didn’t! I know I DM’ed you in Twitter :)John… it’s been such a pleasure getting to know you over the past few months. I can’t help but smile every time I see you come “into” Twitter… you and your “twits.” I’ve enjoyed your blog so much and watching you and Lisa awaiting that lil bundle of joy. Thank you for all you do and for letting me share in a little piece of your life :)May 2009 be the best year ever for you and Lisa and Julian and Lizzie :)*HUG*

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