Green Is The Color!

I apologize in advance to any reader who is a Giants fan. I don’t have a hatred for your team like I do for the C*wb*ys. I actually have a lot of respect for the Giants as a team and an organization. And I certainly didn’t have anything to do with this incident in Lacey Township. Having said all that, boy did I enjoy yesterday’s game! Two more wins, baby! I just don’t know if the universe could handle the Phillies AND the Eagles winning it all within the space of a few months, but I’m willing to take that risk.

Anyway, as I mentioned on Friday, we have good friends that do green food only parties for Eagles playoff games. I now have the pictures to prove it:

Fried green beans with a creamy wasabi dipping sauce.

Some green fruit, to help counteract all the unhealthy stuff.

And, the crowning glory: pigs in a blanket – with a buttery green glaze! Last week, it was hot dogs with green sauerkraut. I wonder what will be on tap for next Sunday when the Iggles go to the desert to do battle with the Cardinals.

The Arizona Cardinals are hosting the NFC Championship game???

Yeah, it’s been a wacky playoff season in the NFL.

Blogging Out Hunger Update: according to Deb ‘JerseyBites’ Smith, the blogging campaign has now raised $7,000 to help the Community FoodBank of NJ. In addition, the FoodBank’s website has received over 1,000 additional hits from the campaign. Good stuff all around. If you’re interested in making a donation of money, food, or time, please click on the Community FoodBank link on the left OR the Blogging Out Hunger link on the right.

– John


3 thoughts on “Green Is The Color!

  1. Alright, just because blue food would be pretty impossible, I’m going to tip my hat to the green food party. That’s all I’m saying here.We’ll be back. Ok, I had to throw that in.

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