Friday Foodstuffs 2.27.09 – Sir, Is That a Lobster Under Your Coat?

I usually don’t lead the Friday Foodstuffs post with the news, but this one story just struck me as funny and kind of bizarre. According to The Press of Atlantic City, someone broke into the kitchen at Bally’s Atlantic City last week and tried to walk off with 91 pounds of frozen lobster. His attempted method of transporting his illegal catch? Under his clothes and in his backpack. Evidently, the bulkiness of his clothing gave him away on the surveillance cameras.

Gee – imagine that.

Based on how my mind works, a couple of questions popped up for me. First off, why did they have to bring the lobsters to the holding facility? I mean, their only crime was being frozen and delicious. Also, what kind of excuse could one come up with as to why you’d have over 90 pounds of claws and tails stuffed all over your person? If it were me, I’d say something like “Well, they were homesick, and I was giving them a lift to Maine.” If you can come up with a better one, let me know.

On the Festivals of Food front…

The Stafford branch of the Ocean County Library is running a program on Saturday called The African Influence in Foods. The program starts at 2PM. Please call to see if spots are still available.

Next week is Atlantic City Restaurant Week!

And on Monday you have the International Chef’s Night Out at the Ritacco Center in Toms River.

In addition to these events, because there’s always plenty of things going on, you have the Feast in February taking place on Saturday at Natali Vineyards in Cape May Courthouse.

Recipe Review…

If you like ribs, and I mean REALLY like ribs, then you have a kindred spirit in The Hungry Mouse. This week, she gives us Garlic & Rosemary Lamb Lollipop Chops.

Robin of Frugal Family Foodies has a yummy-looking Black Bean Chili with Butternut Squash and Kale.

And Stacey Snacks has the recipe for Jacques Torres’ Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies. We got to sample them on Tuesday night at Harrah’s – oh my, are they ever so good.

And in the news…

A definite sign of the times: Girl Scout cookie sales are down so far this year.

Another, and more troubling, sign of the times: another food delivery person gets robbed.

A couple of groups in Hammonton are looking to establish a summer farmers market.

And finally, to toot the horn a bit for South Jersey – the list of restaurant and chef semifinalists has been revealed for the 2009 James Beard Foundation Awards, and Izakaya at Borgata in Atlantic City (Best New Restaurant) and Steven Cameron of Blue in LBI (Best Chef – Mid-Atlantic) made the list. Well done!

Have a great weekend!

– John


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