Friday Foodstuffs 5.15.09: Vegetarian Love

By now, you probably know that Lisa and I are not vegetarians. There was a time in our life, which was B.C. – before children, not that other B.C., when we cooked mostly vegetarian meals at home. We gave our Moosewood and our Vegetarian Times Low Fat & Fast a good working out back then. We’ve since slipped back into our omnivore ways, but we still make vegetarian meals on a regular basis. And honestly, vegetarian meals can be just as good as meat-based meals: rice and beans, pasta primavera, eggplant Parmesan…yum yum and yum.

Now that we’re well into spring, and Jersey veggies are appearing and farm markets are opening up, what a great time to celebrate all things vegetarian. SJ Culinary Events, a small but mighty band of South Jersey chefs, will be Veggin’ Out on May 19th and 20th. Veggin’ Out is a special 4-course vegetarian meal that will be served for $30 per person. The following restaurants are participating: The Tortilla Press (Collingswood), Blackbird (Collingswood), Mirabella Cafe (Cherry Hill), blueplate (Mullica Hill) and Andreotti’s Viennese Cafe (Cherry Hill).

Normally, I would be continuing my Friday post with other events, dining specials, cooking classes and news items. But life has been thrown out of whack here. I have suddenly joined the ranks of the unemployed. So, if our posts become less frequent in the near future, please understand that we have bigger issues to deal with right now. One door has closed, but I feel that another one will be opening for us.

– John


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