Not Our Jersey! And, What IS Our Jersey!

Not Our Jersey!

Our friend and fellow South Jersey blogger ‘Downtheshorewith’ Jen Miller has gotten fed up with the Jersey stereotypes that are being portrayed in the recent TV shows The Real Housewives of New Jersey and E! Jersey Shore Unleashed – so much so that she’s asking fellow Jersey bloggers to post about it.

And so I am – in my own way.

I could rail against these shows, and boy could I ever, but instead of going postal, I will harp on some good things about the state we choose to call home.

The Best Beaches in New Jersey list came out this week, and coming out on top was Ocean City. You won’t find any reality shows based on the comings and goings here because it’s simply a really nice place to bring a family to enjoy a day of sun n’ fun. Get a Kohr Bros. cone, with or without jimmies (not sprinkles, but jimmies). Grab a slice at Mack & Manco’s. Enjoy a ride at Wonderland. For me, Ocean City is the beach and boardwalk combination that you’d describe if someone not from Jersey asked “Well, what’s so special about the Jersey Shore?” It’s also the place where I first experienced being at the ocean as a kid many many many years ago (I added an extra ‘many’ because I recently found my first grey hairs).

I also don’t imagine you’d find any of the Housewives or the ladies and gents from Unleashed looking up day trips to plan at South Jersey ForeverGreen. Just introduced this past week by the good folks at, ForeverGreen is a wonderful site that provides a ton of information about exploring the natural beauty that South Jersey provides. Sure, the slant of the site is eco-friendly, but even if you were not the compost-using, plastic bag-avoiding type, the amount of information regarding parks, historical sites and festivals alone makes it a valuable resource. And if you’re looking for local farms and pick-your-own places, look no further. I know that I for one will be using this site on a regular basis.

The longer I have lived here in Jersey, the more I have become an advocate of Jersey – AND, the more I really tired of the stereotypes. The real Jersey is out there, just not on your TV.

– John


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