Friday Foodstuffs 5.22.09: Restaurant Week at The Best Beach in Jersey

Now that all the anticipation and hand-wringing is over with, and Ocean City has taken the title as The Best Beach in New Jersey…how about a little celebration? And I can’t think of a better way for the OC to celebrate than to have its own Restaurant Week. Starting May 28th, and running until June 7th, you can enjoy $10.09 lunches and $20.09 dinners at many of the eateries in town. And the kiddies eat for only $5.99!

This is Memorial Day weekend, so everyone will either be grilling in their backyard or heading down to the shore. That said, there are still some Festivals of Food taking fact, one has already started! The 2009 Greek Festival at The Greek Orthodox Church of St. Anthony in Vineland kicked off last night and goes through Sunday. Saturday will be Collingswood’s annual May Fair, which will have two food courts and the famous Collingswood Farmers Market.

Want to combine the beach and the barbecue together, and do it in schwanky style? Check out the Chelsea Memorial Day Pool Party & BBQ an The Chelsea in Atlantic City.

It’s time to sing!

Happy Anniversary to you
Happy Anniversary to you
Happy Anniversary dear Michael Bray and all the folks at Passion Vines in Somers Point who are celebrating the one-year anniversary with their newest edition to their shop – specialty cheeses – and will be having live music and special giveaways this weekend
Happy Anniversary to you!

Cooking classes are pretty much closed for Memorial Day weekend, except for Kitchen Kapers. They will have a Kids in the Kitchen: Sun-sational Summer Food on Sunday the 24th. Making kids go to class on Memorial Day weekend? It’s gotta be fun.

And in the news…

There’s now a bill in the state assembly that would remove the ban on selling raw milk in New Jersey. This issue generates some pretty strong feelings on both sides. I have a relative who actually drives to Pennsylvania to buy raw milk, so I’m figuring that there is a demand. There are others who are very much concerned with the ‘raw’ part of raw milk. Would the removal of the ban spawn a raw milk cottage industry here in Jersey? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Have a great holiday weekend!

– John


One thought on “Friday Foodstuffs 5.22.09: Restaurant Week at The Best Beach in Jersey

  1. I completely agree! I think being selective about where you eat out is an important idea. I love to support business that also support local farms and such.

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