Friday Foodstuffs 5.29.09: Me Too – Cape May Restaurant Week

Add Cape May to the list of towns in South Jersey that are looking to drum up extra business with a Restaurant Week. Cape May’s Restaurant Week starts this Sunday the 31st and runs to June 7th. The good news, because Cape May is a haven of great restaurants. What’s even better news is that most of the heavy hitters in Cape May are participating: 410 Bank Street, The Ebbitt Room, Union Park, The Washington Inn, The Mad Batter…just to name a few.

The pricing of this Restaurant Week is a little different; there are two tiers of fixed-priced meals. Tier 1 restaurants have a 3-course meal for $35.09, and Tier 2 restaurants will have meals for $22.09. Like Atlantic City’s Restaurant Week, this is a great opportunity to try some of the top eateries in South Jersey.

Thanks to Jacob Freeman, @JGadFly on twitter, for the head’s up!

Don’t forget Eat In OC NJ Week down in Ocean City, which started yesterday and also runs to the 7th. Cape May County will be restaurant central this week!

And then there’s Monday and the beginning of Chef Wars!

Back up, kiddies, and let the Festivals of Food parade through! Saturday will be a foodie boon! Let’s go racing to the NJ Motorsports Park in Millville for the Cumberland County Community Festival during the Vintage Grand Prix weekend. Toms River will get a bit more spicy thanks to the New Jersey State Chili & Salsa Cook Off. Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge will be holding its Wine & Wildlife fundraiser. And Mount Holly will be the center of the South Jersey beer universe with the Spring Craft Beer Festival, brought to you by High Street Grill. On Sunday, enjoy the BBQ at the Spring Festival and Crafts Show being held at Renault Winery.

And I’m not quite done! Gimmie an H…gimmie an E…gimmie a, oh whatever – it’s Herb Festival Weekend at Triple Oaks Nursery and Herb Garden in Franklinville. Get your herby groove on Saturday and Sunday.

You and your loved one hearing the steel drums? Maybe you need to head to Kitchen Kapers and take their Cooking for Couples – Caribbean Island Flavors class on Saturday. Either that or seek medical attention.

And in the news…

* According to the Nature Conservatory, most of the oyster populations in the Northeast are ‘functionally extinct’, but some efforts are starting to pay off.

* Getting grocery stores the ability to sell alcohol may get pushed again, thanks to the current economic crisis.

* Another sign of the economic times: a restaurant in Fort Lee faced a protest due to owing its workers back pay – almost a year’s worth of pay.

* A steakhouse boom in South Jersey?

* And don’t look now, but guess what’s appearing on your grocer’s shelves? It’s Jersey Fresh time!

Enjoy your weekend!

– John


2 thoughts on “Friday Foodstuffs 5.29.09: Me Too – Cape May Restaurant Week

  1. Hey I just had dinner with Melissa Gaffney, and we decided we are kidnapping you two, and the kids for dinner either at the taco place or another place she raves about in your area!

  2. Well, if you’re going to kidnap us, take us all to Mud City Crabcake Co. Yum! 😉 – John

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