Friday Foodstuffs (Saturday Edition) 7.4.09 – Happy 4th of July!

Yes I know – it’s Saturday and I’m posting the Friday Foodstuffs now. Well, it’s been busy around the Howard-Fusco household these last few days. There’s some exciting news to tell you about…but you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

The cupboard is a bit bare as far as Festivals of Food this weekend, and that’s OK; the best food events this weekend are going to be on the grill in your or someone-you-know’s backyard. Enjoy this time together with friends and family – these are moments to cherish. We will be doing so over at Lisa’s folks in Toms River. A sampling of the menu: crabs, clams, Jersey corn on the cob, Jersey blueberries, and, well, some alcoholic beverages.

Next week starts the Parade of County Fairs!

Cue the John Philip Sousa!

From the 6th until the 11th, the 2009 Cumberland County Fair will be taking place down in Millville. Here are the rest of the South Jersey county fairs that are coming up:

Ocean County Fair – 7/14-19
Cape May County 4-H Fair & Chicken BBQ – 7/16-18
Burlington County Farm Fair – 7/22-25
Gloucester County 4-H Fair and NJ Peach Festival – 7/23-26
Camden County 4-H Fair – 7/31-8/2
Salem County Fair – 8/4-7
Atlantic County 4-H Fair – 8/6-8

If you do want to go out for your celebration of the 4th, Blue Eyes in Sewell is having a July 4th Weekend Lobster-Clambake, which will run until Sunday.

Blogging Out Hunger

Speaking of the Cumberland County Fair, there will be a countywide food drive taking place during the fair.

Community Medical Center in Toms River is holding its 3rd annual food drive, and they make a point by having it during the summer.

And in the news…

Joe DeStefano has an invention that follows the old adage: if one pizza is good, two must be even better.

And Toms River’s own Peter Fischbach will soon be off to New Orleans to compete in the Great American Seafood Cook-Off on the 18th. Good luck Peter!

Everyone enjoy your holiday weekend!

– John


One thought on “Friday Foodstuffs (Saturday Edition) 7.4.09 – Happy 4th of July!

  1. Is there another baby on the way? LOL, no really you might be building an army to go to those festivals 🙂

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