Eat for the Environment: Doing What You Can

So I have this cousin named Margo, and she paddles around in an outrigger canoe. And when I say ‘around’, I’m talking about hundreds and hundreds of miles. Thousands, actually.

Why would she do such a thing? Well, watch this video and you’ll learn about Margo Pellegrino’s mission:

Inspired by my cousin, we have made some changes in our lifestyle. Being so close to Barnegat Bay, we did not want to contribute to the harm that’s happening to our coastline . We now make our own laundry detergent and stopped using fertilizer heavy with chemicals for our lawn. They’re small steps, but you do what you can.

We also have this here blog thingy, and we can use it to help promote environmental organizations that use food as a way to get their message out, whether it is a dinner or an outdoor event.

One such organization is Alliance for a Living Ocean (ALO), which has its home office on Long Beach Island. The mission of ALO is “to promote and maintain clean water and a healthy coastal environment through education, research and active participation.” Currently they have a fundraiser taking place called Eat for the Environment, and this event is being held at restaurants along LBI. Here is the upcoming schedule:

July 22nd
Uncle Will’s – 3 South Bay Avenue, Beach Haven. 609.492.2514.
Advance Tickets are Required to be purchased prior to July 14th.
Please call or visit the ALO office to purchase tickets.

July 28th
Calloways – 597 Route 9, Staffordsville. 609.978.0220.
Bring a Copy of the internet advertisement and 20% of your dinner tab will be given to ALO.

August 3rd
Scojo’s – 307 Long Beach Boulevard, Surf City. 609.494.8661.
A portion of their entire sales for the day will be given to ALO.

If you want to help do your part, or even if you’re not sure what your part is, come enjoy these local restaurants. Show your support for eating local as well as funding organizations working to help keep our waters clean and healthy. Maybe we all can’t row long distances like Margo, but each one of us an obligation to do what we can.

– John


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