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I have a confession to make: I heart Twitter. I really do.

There are many of you out there who say that they just don’t get what the big deal is about Twitter. I’m not going to try to convert the non-believers, but I will say what I do get out of Twitter. For me, Twitter has been a great way to meet people I would otherwise have never met. It’s also a great place to promote our blog and bring more traffic to our site.
Lisa and I had the great pleasure in attending a TweetUp on Monday at The Tortilla Press in Collingswood. A tweetup is simply an event where those of us who tweet (post messages) about a common subject can get together and meet in person. Chef Mark Smith, now a member of Twitter himself, hosted the event at his restaurant. Arriving late, of course, we sat down and got right involved in the discussion. The subject matter discussed among us tweeters (or twitts as I like to call us) really boiled down to two things: what has Twitter done for us, and what more can we do through Twitter.

We saw some familiar faces there, such as The Sweet Life Bakery folks: Stephen Wilson, Jill McClennen, Tracey and Darrol Wilson – always glad to see those guys (sorry about cutting you off in the pic, Darrol). It was great to finally meet Robin Shreeves (aka SJ Locavore), and we connected as if we were old friends. And it was also nice to say hello to Tina Yerkes from During dinner (more on the food in a bit), we got a chance to chat with Dawn Bricker and her husband, along with Kristine Seitz (pictured above). It was good to meet South Jersey Twitter folk not involved in food to get their perspective as well. And, of course, what an honor to be able to meet and chat with Chef Mark – friendly, unassuming and gracious. Even though we arrived late, Chef Mark made sure we were served the complimentary hors d’eouvres as well. We felt taken care of – that’s the environment that’s been created at Tortilla Press, and that’s Chef Mark.

Now onto the food. Although the first rule of food blogging is ‘take pictures first, then eat’, we still have trouble following that one – so we don’t have any food pictures. We can say that the chicken with chips and guacamole appetizer was flavorful without being too strong or spicy – the creamy avocado was still very much the star. Even our little baby enjoyed the guac! Lisa went for the tomato salad appetizer, while I enjoyed the corn soup, which was light with just a bit of sweetness from the locally-grown corn. For our entrees, I decided on the cheese-stuffed poblano chile, a regular on the Tortilla Press menu. Lisa went for the chicken with peach salsa and sweet potato casserole. My chile was nicely fried but yielded easy to the fork, its cheesy goodness oozing out. Lisa’s chicken was simple yet subtle, and the sweet potatoes tasted a lot richer than advertised. And then there was the blueberry and peach cobbler; if you know how good the local blueberries and peaches have been this year, then you can imagine how wonderful this dessert turned out.

And wonderful is the way I would describe the evening as a whole. Twitter may have its detractors, but an evening like this shows me that real social networking is happening, even at 140 characters or less.

Note: you can read an additional write-up of Monday’s event from Robin of SJLocavore here.
Also, in the interest of disclosure and in keeping with truth and “transparency” in our blog, the apps were complimentary, but we paid for the dinner (and were happy to do so šŸ™‚ )-Lisa

– John

Hey – food enthusiasts and fellow twitts! What do you like about Twitter? Let us know. And if you don’t tweet, tell us why not.

2 thoughts on “Tortilla Press TweetUp

  1. I love that you addressed the call for comments to "food enthusiasts." I just changed the subtitle of my blog from "Chronicles of a Self-Proclaimed Foodie" to "Chronicles of a Food Enthusiast"! ;-)As you already know, I do use Twitter. At first I only used it as a means of keeping up with friends who weren't on Facebook (is that possible?!?). But then I really started using Twitter as a means of promoting the content on my blog and as a means of connecting with other food bloggers. Twitter is really great!

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