A Date with Your Honey…at the Farmer’s Market

Yes, you know that you’re getting older and have children when you see escaping for an hour without the kids to the farmer’s market as a date. Then again, there are worse places one could take their significant other, like say a car wash or a laundromat, or even some of the suggestions made here in this Mystery Science Theater 3000 short…

Weenie roasts and square dancing? Wow.
Anyway, my folks came over for their usual weekly visit last Friday, and while they kept the kids entertained, Lisa and I grabbed some ‘just us’ time at the Lacey Farmer’s Market, which is right in town. It’s not a big market, to be sure, but it’s nice to be able to grab some farm fresh items so close to home. And there was plenty of Jersey produce on display…

We also like the folks who come from North Jersey with their artisan breads and cheeses. Their stuff is always good quality, and they’ll knock a bit of the price off if they know you and/or it’s late in the day. We grabbed some mozzarella and a loaf of ciabatta, which eventually became our dinner that night, along with a few sliced tomatoes and basil. Sometimes, simplicity is just what you need, like a short trip to reconnect with your love – even if you have to grab a hug by the tomatoes.

– John


6 thoughts on “A Date with Your Honey…at the Farmer’s Market

  1. Love the farmers market. Funny, I went to the Collingswood one Saturday and bought fresh moz to have the same thing as you.

  2. I absolutely adore the farmers market… what I hate, is that I can never make it to them because I work during the week, and I've yet to find a good farmers market in the area on the weekends. Someone said that the Red Bank Farmers Market is really great… they do have that on Sundays…

  3. Brian and I had to hire a babysitter so we could take my laptop into the Apple Genius Bar the other day – closest thing we've had to a date in quite a while! Even stopped and got a coffee together on the way home.

  4. Amanda – that is an issue for a lot of people. Collingswood is on Saturdays, and the Burlington County one is Saturday as well.Robin – Ah the romance, right? ;)- John

  5. I'm addicted to NJ farmer's markets! I am going to miss them so much come winter… Yes, the Red Bank market is on Sundays and is very good. Organic vegetables, meats, eggs, a pickle girl, Italian bread, Lithuanian bakery to name a few…

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