September Contest: Chowderfest 2009

We thought about it.

We hemmed. We hawed.

At times, we resisted the idea.

But now, the time is right…


And what are we giving away???

No no no…not the hat! Look a little lower, at the kid’s shirt. Yep, it says Chowderfest – the big boffo event on Long Beach Island in October; this year, the big cook-off is on October 4th. After attending last year, it quickly became one of our favorite festivals in South Jersey. Well, the good folks at the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce have graciously given us not one but two prizes to give away. The first prize is a free pass to attend the October 4th event (it’s a $20 ticket to get in, so that’s nothing to sneeze at), and the second prize is a T-shirt from this year’s Chowderfest (check it out here).

How do you enter? Easy – you need to leave a comment at the end of this post. Two comments will be chosen at random at the end of the contest, and they will be awarded the prizes. Now, some rules: 1) please only leave one comment, 2) your comment should be about why you like Chowderfest and/or why you think you should win the ticket, 3) ‘Anonymous’ comments will not be honored, and 4) please enter only if you are serious about attending.

The contest will end on Monday, September 22nd at midnight, so you have three weeks to enter. Good luck to everyone who enters!

– John


8 thoughts on “September Contest: Chowderfest 2009

  1. Chowderfest was great last year. It was one our first outings as parents after we had our baby last August. We'll be back this year.Side note, this year will be the third year we have rented out our summer house for Chowderfest weekend. We're on the mainland and we still get requests for renting our house for Chowderfest weekend. It has gotten that big.– Tom at

  2. I am all about some Chowderfest. Went for the 1st time last year, I am a NJ newbie – and it is one of the highlights for this newcomer. I am getting stoked/pumped/excited for this years already. Bring on the chowda! -Cabell aka @cider13

  3. Howderfolks… I think I might have to try to win this one…we went once a few years back and I keep forgetting about it, or out of town… I would love to rent a house on the shore one day…on my list!You guys are great for keeping me posted on this, kind of like personal assistants 🙂

  4. I've never been to Chowderfest, I hope this doesn't exclude me.But, I am a fan of chowder :-)I'm a huge fan of local events, festivals and all cool stuff revolving around NJ.I'd love to go and then I can report back on my blog how it was.Thanks.

  5. We're new to South Jersey and are working on trying all the local festivals, especially if they concern food! We would love to represent your blog as the winners of the tickets. :

  6. I love food, love chowder, love NJ, but yet have never been to Chowderfest! Would love to go… I'm sort of in the undefined area of NJ – to some Central, to some South. and even North to others. I love all of NJ – not sure exactly where I fit in but I definitely love my home state!

  7. my guy and i are a youngish (is 25 young?) couple and we love wholesome dates – especially food festivals! your farmers market date made me laugh because it was so reminiscent of what we do every weekend. chowderfest sounds fun (and delicious, duh).

  8. Listen, I'm from Maine. I'm of the ilk that Maine does just about everything right when it comes to seafood.. and that NJ does just about everything wrong. I would love the chance to see NJ prove me wrong at the Chowderfest. That's why I'm entering. 🙂

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