Friday Foodstuffs 9.4.09: Happy Birthday Lisa!

Today is Lisa’s birthday, and so I’m taking a short break from my usual ramblings about some food event or something – and will now ramble a bit about Lisa.

I love Lisa for many reasons, and here are just a few of them:

For one thing, we obviously share a love for food, whether it’s a night out or a well-prepared meal at home. This was one of our New Year’s dinners that we used to hold many years ago when we lived up in North Jersey.

It’s also cool that Lisa enjoys a good beer – and even has made her own from time to time. A nice cigar every so often is a good thing, too. And yes, both Lisa and I will partake of the occasional stogie.

She does enjoy a lovely sweet. Here she is enjoying some fudge from one of our trips. This is the pic that Lisa might whack me over the head for, but I regret nothing. 😉

I love the fact that we share a very similar sense of humor. Monty Python and Marx Brothers. Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Mel Brooks. And, of course, cut-rate souvenir shops.

But I also love Lisa’s serious and creative side, whether she’s putting together a food article, a blog post, or even her very brief career as an independent film maker.

But, hey, let’s not forget that fact that she’s a beautiful woman, and was so very much so on the day we were married. Beautiful, fun and a great kiss-planter.

Happy Birthday, love.

OK, enough with this mushy lovey-dovey birthday stuff! 😉

Let’s get to the Festivals of Food. Sadly, the Bridgeton King Pig Barbecue scheduled for this weekend was canceled due to lack of enough competitors. Hope they’ll be be able to bring it back next year. After a year’s absence, the Tomato Festival at Wilbraham Park in West Cape May is back this Saturday.

The Greek Food Fest 2009 at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church on Kentucky Avenue in Atlantic City is taking place from today to Sunday. Call 609.348.3495 for any additional information.

The Lobster House in Cape May is having special Fisherman’s Wharf Tours for those who wish to find out how fresh seafood gets from the ocean to your table. There will be a tour this Saturday starting at 11AM. The event is $10 for adults and $7 for kids ages 3 to 12. Call them at 609.884.8296.

There’s going to be a free concert and BBQ event in Camden on Sunday. The Camden Waterfront Backyard BBQ, featuring Robert Randolph & the Family Band, will be from 2PM to 10PM and will also feature a BBQ and Latin food.

If you’re looking for something to do on Labor Day, the annual Labor Day Festival at the Fountain of Life Center on Columbus Road in Florence will have a food court that will feature American, German, Greek, Italian, Polish and Spanish specialties, not to mention a pig roast!

And from Rob Seitzinger’s blog, the Cape May-Lewes Ferry is offering Sunset and Wine Lovers Cruises over the next four weeks.
On the dining menu, 217 East Main is offering a Summer Send-Off: Tuckerton’s Largest Paella for $19.95 a person on Saturday. 217 East Main – 217 East Main Street, Tuckerton. On Sunday, enjoy a Sunday Brunch on the Vineyard Deck at the Cape May Winery & Vineyard. And on Sunday and Labor Day, Blue Eyes in Sewell is throwing its Annual Labor Day Weekend Barbecue.
In the kitchen classes this weekend, you have Kids in the Kitchen: Back to School Breakfasts on Sunday at Kitchen Kapers in Moorestown. After the Labor Day break, the 3 and 4 year olds get in on the act at Kitchen Kapers with Cooking Buddies: Let’s Use Our 5 Senses on Tuesday. Tuesday also has not one but two classes devoted to developing your knife skills: Back to School with Knife Skills at In the Kitchen Cooking School in Haddonfield, and After-School Cooking Program: Chop-Chop-Chop – Basic Knife Skills at Kitchen Kapers.

And in the news this week…

The work of making Vineland into a food destination continues, including a new sign.

Pete Genovese and his merry Munchmobile munchers have been on a serious pizza quest throughout the state, and now they’ve pointed the Big Dog down this-a-way and are sampling pizza joints in the shore area.

“Downtheshorewith” Jen Miller recently took a tour of Flying Fish in Cherry Hill. Free beer works for me!

Stephen and Jill at Sweet Life Bakery continue to rock! Check out this piece from NBC40 about their push to allow bakeries to advertise as “Made with Jersey Fresh”. There’s a video as well.

One AC restaurant closes, and another one opens up.

Getting soaked in Atlantic City is nothing unusual, between the beach and the casinos – but these diners at the Hilton got soaked in a new way.

It takes a lot clams (and I don’t mean the ones you find in the water) to compete in LBI’s Chowderfest.

Enjoy your weekend!

– John

5 thoughts on “Friday Foodstuffs 9.4.09: Happy Birthday Lisa!

  1. Happy Birthday Lisa! I love the 1990's uniform of artsy girls everywhere – the jeans, white t-shirt and black vest. I'd bet a bottle of Jersey wine that there were some sort black leather boots on your feet!Hope your celebration was fabulous this weekend!

  2. Who could love someone who loves Mystery Science Theater 3000. I mean really.Happy Birthday Lisa. You're both very lucky.Deb

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