Hunger Action Month: Give A Little, Feed A Lot

I know my voice in the blogosphere is a little one, but I do what I can with it. And when it comes to supporting causes that help with feeding the hungry in the area, I try to make my little voice as loud as possible.

September is Feeding America’s Hunger Action Month, and they are looking for people to get involved. The slogan “Give A Little, Feed A Lot” is about giving just a small amount of your time to help in the fight against hunger. Doing what? Well, how about communicating to your local elected official to get them to support child nutrition funding, or spread the word to people you know by word of mouth or online, or maybe even attend a local food bank event.

Want to do a little bit more? The Community FoodBank of New Jersey has other suggestions. You could hold your own food drive. You could volunteer your time at a food bank. Or you could simply donate food or money to your local food bank.

Use what voice you have, big or small, to help keep children from going hungry.

One thought on “Hunger Action Month: Give A Little, Feed A Lot

  1. Even kids can get in on the act with this cause. I know our local food pantry allows kids under 12 to assist with sorting food before it gets shelved. Thanks for promoting such a good cause.

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