Cheeeeeeese, Gromit! How About Some Cheese Tastings?

Image from Harriet’s Tomato

Do you want to go somewhere where there’s cheeeeeeese?

Well, you don’t have to build your own rocket and blast off to the Moon to get some (unless, of course, you really really want to, and you have a dog that can do most of the grunt work).

Tuesdays are going to become cheesy days, no doubt. Every Tuesday night there will be a Cheese Tasting presented by Chef Robert of Bacio at his new place – Bacio Catering & Marketplace. The new location is at 75 East Main Street in Moorestown. The Tuesday Night Cheese Tastings will feature cheeses from Italy and how best to serve them.

You can also head further south to Almonesson tomorrow night and try the Italian Wine and Cheese Tasting being offered by Aluetto Catering. Aluetto does a monthly wine tasting, and this month the wines are being paired with Italian cheeses.

So that’s two, or should I say due, ways to get your formaggio on.

And if Tuesday doesn’t work for you, how about Wensleydale, erm, I mean Wednesday? DiPaolo’s Italian Ristorante and Auburn Road Winery are joining forces and are presenting their own Wine and Cheese Tasting stating at 6PM at Auburn Road in Pilesgrove. The event is $30 a person, and you need to call 856.299.4645 to make reservations.

– John

Image from Stephen’s Wallace and Gromit Page


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