Now, About That Five Pound Burrito…

Between being sick and having our computer go AWOL for a couple of days, we didn’t get a chance to talk about our hand-to-hand gastronomic battle with a five pound burrito at The Tortilla Press last week.
I know what you’re thinking: a five-pound burrito…why?
Well, The Tortilla Press was trying to promote its new Monday night special: a Build Your Own Burrito for $12.95. As part of the promotion, they put out the challenge to select group to see if they would be up to tackling that mass of Mexican muchable on their own. We were not, but we were more than happy to make a tag-team effort.
Our friend Robin (aka the SJ Locavore) has already written about that night’s festivities, and a video of the night has been posted on Youtube. Catch a glimpse of all of us, as well as the one hearty soul who finished the burrito all by herself:

So, here are my thoughts…

First off, despite feeling very much under the weather, it was a fun night.

You can have quantity and quality at the same time. The burrito was excellent, and it was not filled with a lot of rice, which you might expect. I thought the pork in particular was moist and just melted in your mouth.

I can’t believe that young woman (heh, listen to me…young woman) finished hers! Lisa and I ate about 3 pounds’ worth between the two of us, and we probably could have eaten more. I figure that I could have eaten at least half without being in some serious pain. Maybe 3 pounds. After that, it would have gotten uncomfortable. I’m not the big eater that I once was in my younger days (heh, listen to me again…younger days).

I hope we don’t sound like a broken record when we talk about Tortilla Press all the time, but we love the food, the chef and the connection they have with the community. You wish every restaurant made this kind of effort.

– John


4 thoughts on “Now, About That Five Pound Burrito…

  1. I know why is it we cannot eat as much as we did as young kids? Even me being overweight I do not eat that much! Hey when are we doing a get together there…you have been tempting me with this Tortilla Press talk for months!!!

  2. I would like to do this challenge and am pretty sure that I can eat this in let then 20 minutes. Where exactly is it in Collingswood? Thank you

  3. USM – Tortilla Press is right on Haddon Avenue. Check out the link to their site that included in the post. And good luck. – John

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