Iron Cupcake Challenge

And I wasn’t even supposed to be a judge!
But there I was, sitting with three other people trying to determine which cupcake would reign supreme at the October Iron Cupcake Challenge. A monthly challenge started by Kati Angelini, the Iron Cupcake Challenge lets local cupcake baking enthusiasts battle it out to become Iron Cupcake Champion.
Now…where do we fit in this story? We were approached by Kati via twitter to see if one of us wanted to serve as one of the judges for the October event. Well, sure…who wouldn’t want to get to sample of bunch of cupcakes?!?!! But only one of us could be a judge, so I did the gentlemanly and respectful thing: I said “MEMEMEMEMEME!!!” No no no, just kidding; I gave Lisa first dibs. I think it took maybe, oh, say, 3 nanoseconds for her to say yes.
The plan was all set: we all go together as a family and Lisa would judge while yours truly wrangled the kids. And you know how to make the Man Upstairs laugh, right? Tell him your plans. Both Lisa and I end up getting pretty sick as the Challenge got close. And the sickness just lingered, refusing to knock off sitting on our collective throats and sinuses. Thankfully, the plague lifted enough from my body that I was fine to go, but the same couldn’t be said for Lisa. Sadly, she had to admit that she needed to stay home.
So, I was now judge AND kiddie wrangler.
And…I was also running late, as is usually the case these days. By the time I had myself and the costumed kids (son was Bumblebee, daughter was a ladybug) at The Pop Shop, we were already 15 minutes late. I managed to find Kati and get settled. Despite her witchy costume, Kati was anything but – she couldn’t have been nicer. Check out her site; she runs her own cupcake business and her cupcakes look absolutely beautiful. Also in the deceptive costume department was one of the judges – the devilishly dressed Lisa AKA Jersey Girl Cooks. Lisa informed me that I was already four cupcakes behind in the tasting – so I was going to have to catch up fast.
In all, there were 15 competing cupcake entries, and after taking a nice sample (or two..or even three) from each, this is what the carnage looked like:

So…who won? Well, the winning cupcake (and the voting was close) was made by Bonny Chezik. I grabbed a pic of her in her pumpkin-y, crown-wearing glory:

I have to say that I was really impressed with not only how good the cupcakes tasted but the artistic flair that many of the entries had. One cupcake in particular was almost too beautiful to eat – but I ate it anyway.

If you’re interested in attending any Iron Cupcake Challenge events in the future, check out their Meetup group. You’ll also find a bunch of pics from the event in October, including some with a rather dopey looking guy in a red shirt. Oh wait…that was me.

Lisa is planning on attending next month’s event at Swanky Bubbles in Cherry Hill as a judge. Heh heh..there we go, making plans again.

– John

3 thoughts on “Iron Cupcake Challenge

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  2. John–you were a fantastic judge, good sport, baby wrangler and great cupcake taster!! It was so nice to meet you and a pleasure to have you at our event-can't wait to meet the other half and see her take on the cupcake craziness! Hope to see you at Swanky Bubbles–loved your blog post!! ttys!

  3. John, it was really nice meeting you and the kids. I was very impressed that you even managed to get there! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks again for coming to The Pop Shop and supporting the Iron Cupcake!ConnieThe Pop Shop

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