Our Apple-Pickin’ Day at Terhune Orchards

This actually took place some weeks ago, but I’m just now getting around to writing about it. So many post ideas, so little time…

Every year, we make it a point to go apple picking in the early fall. In the past, we never really gave much of a thought to how the apples we were picking were being treated for bugs and such. But that has changed. The more we read about how our food is grown, we now know that apples are very susceptible to taking in the toxins from the pesticides used to keep the insects away.

We wanted to pick organic apples this time around, but we found ourselves with a bit of a problem: nobody in South Jersey seems to have organic apple orchards.
After some extensive searching by Lisa, she finally found an orchard that did not use pesticides to spray their apples and did in fact use organic methods to keep the pests at bay. And that orchard was Terhune Orchards. Terhune is located in the Princeton area, which is a bit of a schlep for us – but for organic apples, we were willing to make the trip.
And, evidently – so were a lot of other people. When we arrived, we found that most of the varieties had been picked pretty clean. The fuji apples, which had just been made available for picking a few days prior, were gone. Gone.

But what they did have plenty of were stayman winesap apples.
They were crisp and a little tart, and had a beautiful deeper red color. And we found some really really REALLY big apples. Quite frankly, I was taken aback the size of some of these babies. And speaking of babies, compare the size of one of these apples with our little one’s head:
Now THAT, fellow readers, is a big mofo apple. That’s an apple that will make you into a pie if you’re not watching.
But, in the end, baby had the last laugh. Or, should I say, gummy bite.
We packed a nice bagful of these lovelies and crossed over back into South Jersey. We’ve made a number of tasty apple treats with the winesaps we picked, including just a simple applesauce that we and the little one love. It’s the best applesauce I’ve ever had – period.
Now that we know where to go for organic apples you can pick yourself, and that you need to get there quickly if you want to get the varieties you desire, we will be back next year.

– John

2 thoughts on “Our Apple-Pickin’ Day at Terhune Orchards

  1. Oh look at baby! Great start their kid…I did this with my clients son weeks ago, and we have made so many apple dishes it is not funny, tasty, but I am sick of peeling them 🙂

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