Friday Foodstuffs 11.27.09: Fondue For Thanksgiving

Our son got sick.

Our plans fell through.

We had fondue for Thanksgiving at home instead.

You probably want some further details, I imagine.

Well, the plan was to make the trip down to Millville to enjoy Turkey Day with family on my mother’s side. It’s a big gathering, usually between 20 and 30 people. There have also been a few births in the last couple of years, including our little girlie girl last Thanksgiving, so it just keeps getting bigger.

But then, fever set in on our son, and by Wednesday was out of commission. Lisa and I had to make major adjustments for Thanksgiving, mainly that we were now having to cook our meal. Luckily, we already had a fun meal planned for another time, and we just moved it up to Turkey Day.

And it had nothing to do with turkey.


Unfortunately, our son was still not feeling well enough to even make it to the table to enjoy it. So it was just Mommy and Daddy partaking of the cheesy goodness, along with a bottle of Flying Fish’s Exit 1 – a lovely oyster stout.

Not quite a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving, but grateful nonetheless to be with my family. Watching the parade. Playing with our daughter. Giving our son some TLC. A Mythbusters marathon. While the turkey and stuffing are all part of the tradition of Thanksgiving, one doesn’t need turkey and stuffing to experience the joy of Thanksgiving.

The big food event for this weekend is the Holiday Wine Trail Weekend taking place at pretty much every winery in South Jersey. Check out the Garden State Wine Growers website for more information.

Kitchen Kapers has the classroom pretty much all to themselves this weekend. Tomorrow is Gingerbread House Decorating and Sunday has the kids handling a Thanksgiving Wrap-Up and a Cupcake Decorating Workshop. On Monday, it’s the first part of a two-part series on Italian Christmas Eve: Seven Dishes of Fish.

New lists of For Your Dining Pleasure and Cook Learn Eat! for December will be coming up in the next few days. Lots of holiday celebrations will be included!

Blogging Out Hunger

We’re now into the giving part of the year, so it makes sense that there will many more stories about those helping out. There are also more people who need the help these days.

A church in Millville sees an increase in the number of people sitting down for their Thanksgiving dinner.

The Berkeley Soccer Association helped 42 families have a better Thanksgiving.

In Woodbine, a struggle to help the poor at Thanksgiving.

A number of organizations around Salem County are helping out.

A food pantry in Commercial Township tries to help in more ways than just food.

A new food pantry is opening in Burlington Township, while a soup kitchen in Pennsville closes.

Mill Race Village in Mount Holly will be having art workshops on Saturday to help raise fund to help those who are hungry.

And in the news this week…

Looks like New Jersey might be next in requiring certain restaurant chains to have calorie counts on their menus.

And last week’s pier fire in Atlantic City may have started in a pizza joint.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

– John

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