Friday Foodstuffs 1.1.10: New Year, New Goals

Here comes the totally predictable “How am I going to make my blog better” post that we bloggers do at the start of a new year. Set some goals, sound oh so earnest, etc etc. There’s only one problem with this: no accountability.

Well, let’s try something: let’s look at the goals I posted back at the beginning on 2009 and see what happened, shall we?

* Attend more food events – Well, I think if we counted them, we probably did meet this goal. Not by a lot, mind you, but we did. A new baby and financial considerations kept us from doing more.

*Go to Salem County – I drove around the county, taking in the views of the farms. Didn’t eat anywhere or stop at a winery. We did taste and love the apple and pear wines from Chestnut Run Farm in Pilesgrove – but that was at a wine festival. Technically, we met the goal, but not really the spirit of it.

* Go to more restaurants, kids and money notwithstanding – Heh heh, sometimes I can be pretty funny. Kids and (lack of) money can most certainly get in the way of things like going to restaurants. But we did get out and try a number of new places, so I’ll call this one a push.

* Redesign blog – Wow – did that ever not happen. Totally whiffed on that pitch.

* Run a contest or two – Yes! We ran a real live contest! With real live prizes and everything! Score one for the home side!

* Participate in Foodbuzz’s 24, 24, 24 – Another swing and a miss. My idea was just too big to make it happen. I’m going to have to rethink this one.

* Take more (and better) pictures – More pictures? Definitely. Better ones? I think so.

* Post more recipes – Just barely pulled this one out. Still very light on the recipes, though.

* Videos? – Well, we did appear in one video – just not one made by us.

* Brew some beer – The equipment is still sitting there up in our attic – lonely, neglected, wondering what it did to deserve such treatment. Poor poor brewing stuff.

So, as you can see, we did OK in some areas, not so good in other areas, and flat-out crappy in a few others. A mixed bag to be sure, but I am somewhat disappointed that some goals did fall by the wayside.

And so, after some careful evaluation and soul-searching, along with some healthy swigs of New Year’s champagne, here are the goals for 2010:

* A real domain name and new blog design – It really is in the works. Seriously. It’s not a matter of if but when, and hopefully, ‘when’ will be the first half of this year.

* More projects with the South Jersey Food Bloggers United – It’s a good group of people, and there’s a lot of potential there.

* More collaborations with other food, wine and beer bloggers – Already in the works, my friends.

* Videos – It’s time. And, we have people who have talked about doing videos work for us – so it will happen in 2010.

* More contests – The one we did turned out to be pretty fun, so I think we will do more.

* Eat and drink in Salem County – That was my problem all along: my goal last year was too vague. You’re not buying that excuse, are you?

* I want to make snapper soup – I love this dish, and have become a bit obsessed with the idea of creating my own recipe.

* I want to eat muskrat – One time, before the tradition disappears, I want to eat muskrat prepared as it has been done in Salem and Cumberland counties for decades. You heard me – muskrat.

* More recipes with more focus on local ingredients – To this point, it’s an area that we have not touched upon much. That’s going to change this year.

* The ‘Sunday Dinner’ post – Before the year is out, I would like to regularly have us post longer items on Sunday. This would give us a chance to go a bit deeper into a subject.

So, come January 2011, you can come back to us and check up on how we did in 2010. Hopefully, we will have hit most of these targets. And if we haven’t, just remember this: I bruise easily, so be gentle.

The Winter Festivals of Food, January’s For Your Dining Pleasure and Cook Learn Eat! are in the works and should be posted next week. We will also have a look back at the people and places we enjoyed most in 2009.

And in the news this week…

Unfortunately, these stories continue to pop up: another food delivery person, this time in Glassboro, was assaulted and robbed.

One restaurant in Salem closes, and another in Pitman closes – for now anyway.

And a limit on mobile food vendors in Brick forces a local man to sell his hot dogs and BBQ over in Jackson.

Enjoy your weekend!

– John


3 thoughts on “Friday Foodstuffs 1.1.10: New Year, New Goals

  1. I would be willing to run the camera 🙂 I do have a talent for writing/producing/design! I am on the radio remember, and now in publication here 🙂 Oh the life of a non-wanton celebrity…One goal I would list is to get rid of that darn blog troll…yep he is still in my bloggy life!

  2. South Jersey Food Bloggers United, what exactly is this? i'm curious.muskrath…ew. no. lol, you just can't eat that, it sounds so wrong! 🙂

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