Friday Foodstuffs 2.5.10: Iron Cupcake Challenge for Haiti Relief

Iron Cupcake Challenge is back! After a brief hiatus, the next Challenge will be taking place on Sunday, February 28th from 2 to 4PM. Even better, the event will be taking place at Tortilla Press Cantina, so you’ll have the combined strength of Kati Angelini and Chef Mark Smith.

Now hold on – some of you might be saying – why do you always talk about Kati and Chef Mark? What’s the deal? Huh? Talk, you!

Well, it’s really simple: I enjoy mentioning folks in the area who are not only making good food but are trying to make a difference in their community and beyond. Kati’s Iron Cupcake Challenges are done for charity, usually locally-based. This time, it’s to help with the earthquake victims in Haiti. And Chef Mark gets himself involved in many different charitable events; the Mac & Cheese contest that I just blogged about was a charity event. True, Lisa and I have gotten to know both Kati and Chef Mark – but even if we had never met, we would still be mentioning their events. We believe in what they are doing.

Now, guess what the secret ingredient will be? Think Mexican. Think hot. Think spicy.


Cupcakes made with chilies – this should be interesting.

Now, unless you’re just coming back from Planet Mongo and haven’t checked the weather, it looks like we’re about to get hit with another doozy of a winter storm. There’s actually a blizzard warning in effect in our area from this afternoon until tomorrow night. Some events, such as the Winter Eagle Festival and Chili Bowl and the Chocolate Tasting Party, have already been postponed. There are other events and cooking classes and such going this weekend, but I can’t imagine any food-related event that would be worth going out in blizzard conditions for – none. So, if you want to, you can check out the links on the right-hand side of our blog and see what’s going on, but the best food event this weekend will probably be taking place in your house with your family, safe and sound. And make sure you’ve stocked up on lots of yummies for Sunday, since there’s evidently this important tackle football game that’s going to be on TV.

Blogging Out Hunger

The numbers aren’t getting any better. They say 10% of all New Jerseyians are using food banks, a 45% increase over the last three years. And the number of people depending upon emergency food programs in South Jersey has gone up 11% over the past four years.

ShopRite and General Mills is teaming up to fight hunger through their “Expressions of Hunger” video contest.

And in the news this week…

Peter Genovese and his Pizza Patrol have revealed their favorite pies in South Jersey. What do you think?

Chef Richard Marsh of Andreotti’s got to do some advising for none other than Chef Gordon Ramsay in an upcoming episode of “Kitchen Nightmares.”

The Old Oar House in Millville is about to get a new owner.

This week’s police blotter: stolen credit cards in a Evesham restaurant and illegal bingo in an Egg Harbor Township restaurant.

A settlement has been reached regarding Peter’s Diner in Williamstown and the sexual harassment of a waitress.

Diners and fires, yet again: this time, it’s the Rainbow Diner in Brick.

The quotas on black sea bass may be increased in 2010.

And kudos to Maugeri Farms in Woolwich Township, named ‘Vegetable Growers of the Year’ by the Vegetable Growers Association of New Jersey.

Please stay safe and warm this weekend.

– John

4 thoughts on “Friday Foodstuffs 2.5.10: Iron Cupcake Challenge for Haiti Relief

  1. John–thanks so much for mentioning the upcoming Iron Cupcake Challenge for Haiti–we are super excited and I sure do hope you, Lisa and your beautiful kids can come up and join us!!! Going to be fun with great buffet prepared especially by Chef Mark(who is also serving as one of our esteemed judges)and great delish cupcakes with hot, hot, chiles!! Best part is proceeds will benefit victims of Haiti–once again thanks for the post and the attention that you and Lisa give our Iron Cupcake events for charities!!

  2. Kati – we will most likely be in AC for Restaurant Week on that Sunday, so we won't be there. :(jelly – Of COURSE you can go! It's open for anyone; just call to reserve a seat.- John

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