It’s Chinese New Year: Where Are You Going To Celebrate?

OR…maybe you’re not.

But I think maybe you should.

And, if you do, maybe you want to try someplace different than your typical General Tso-n-special brown sauce place.

Lisa and I have been looking for place in South Jersey that serves the kind of Chinese delights that we got spoiled with living in North Jersey, such as the old China 46 in Cliffside Park. And even now, living down here, we will be heading up north on the 27th to enjoy a New Year’s feast with some foodie friends at Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove. I’ll post some pics this week to show you why we love that place.

We haven’t explored too many places outside our local region, but there are a few locations in South Jersey that are intriguing:

China Dumpling (Ventnor) – Relatively new, and has crispy whole fish on the menu (a good sign). Their specialty is dim sum, and we likes a good dim sum.

Joe’s Peking Duck House (Marlton) – Have heard good and bad things, but their menu has many inviting items, like their duck, abalone and ham soup.

Chengdu 1 (Glassboro) – Yes, it is related to the one in Cedar Grove, and if can come even close to their offerings, this place could be a real gem. UPDATE – It was brought to my attention that the Glassboro location is closed. I called, and the number is out of service.

If there are any other places out there that you think are special, please please PLEASE let us know. For the rest of the week, we plan to do all Chinese-themed posts, and we hope you enjoy them.

– John


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