Chengdu 1: Our Chinese New Year’s Destination

I apologize in advance for those who are not big on Chinese food, as we (well, mainly I) will be driving you a bit nuts this week.

Last summer, we took a trip back up to North Jersey to visit good friends and to enjoy some Chinese fare at a wonderful little place in Cedar Grove called Chengdu 1. I had read some really good things about the place from Jason Perlow’s Off The Broiler blog, so I was looking forward to this excursion. We had lived up in the area (Little Falls) some years back, and we’re pretty sure this restaurant wasn’t around back then.

The following are pics of the items we had that lovely afternoon and early evening. Some of you might want to get a cup to catch some drool…

Sure, I could try to describe each item, but sometimes words are just superfluous.

Well, we will be heading back for more on the 27th, and am very much looking forward to the return trip.

Now I mentioned in the previous post that there is a sister Chengdu 1 located in Glassboro. At some point, we will have to make a trip there to see if the chef at that location comes close to matching the level of quality that exists at the Cedar Grove location. If so, the discussion of what is the best Chinese restaurant in South Jersey would pretty much be over. And if anyone wants to join us in finding out, let us know.

– John

2 thoughts on “Chengdu 1: Our Chinese New Year’s Destination

  1. If you ever decide to go to their Glassboro location I would call first. I believe they closed over a year ago. I ate there a couple times and at first it was good but then the quality really slipped. A couple of us got really sick after our last mealthere and a friend had the same experience. We never went back.

  2. Anonymous – thanks for the info. I checked the number, and it is indeed out of service, so it's safe to say they're closed. Sorry to hear about the bad experiences. We do appreciate the comments. We try to go to as many places as we can, but obviously we can't get to every place. – John

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