Friday Foodstuffs 2.26.10: Another Day, Another Snowstorm

Here we are again – watching the frozen and crystallized precip accumulate on the ground, trees and roads. Another day of no school for our son. Another day of shoveling for Mom and Dad. I think I’m officially done with snow shoveling this winter; once or twice is a novelty and good exercise – but four times becomes drudgery.

The thing about all these snowstorms is that it really throws off any plans you might have. Our highly-anticipated trip up to North Jersey to get together with friends and some succulent Chinese food tomorrow will probably have to happen at another time, since they will be digging out of some serious white stuff up there.

The good news for us down here in South Jersey is that it looks like the worst of it has already happened here, so if you’re staying local you should be alright. Just take your time, ‘kay?

The big big BIG event happening this weekend is, of course, the start of Atlantic City Restaurant Week. Simply put, it has quickly become the biggest restaurant event in South Jersey. This year there are over 80 restaurants in and around Atlantic City participating. During the media kickoff on Monday, someone made the interesting comment that “10 years ago, you couldn’t have this kind of event in Atlantic City.” And it ‘s true; the explosion of quality restaurants in the area is a relatively new phenomenon – and has made Atlantic City a real food destination in South Jersey.

Sunday will also see the return of the Iron Cupcake Challenge, and this time it’s happening at the Tortilla Press Cantina in Pennsauken. The secret ingredient is chilies, so this should be a little bit on the spicy side.

But maybe you’re needing to get out somewhere tonight. Well, you’re in luck! Fleming’s Steakhouse and Wine Bar in Marlton is having an Aussie vs. Kiwi Wine Dinner at 6:30PM. Downtown on Irons in Toms River will be having a special pre-fix menu for $25 tonight.

You’ll have a lot more things to choose from tomorrow. Natali Vineyards will be having The Feast in February, which will show off their brand new banana wine. In Jackson at the Ocean County Library, Saturday will be “Soul Food Saturday”, with food and music celebrating Black History Month. And the Holy Eucharist Wine Festival in Tabernacle, which had to be postponed due to a previous snowstorm, will be taking place on Saturday as well.

And peaking ahead to Monday, which will be March 1st (Woo hoo! Spring is almost here!), the annual International Chefs’ Night Out at the Ritacco Center Toms River will be happening from 6PM to 10PM.

The weather isn’t slowing down Kitchen Kapers one bit. On Saturday, you have Cooking for Couples: Mexican Cuisine for Couples – OLE! from 6PM to 8PM. And then on Sunday, it’s
Kids in the Kitchen: Going Bananas! from 1:30PM to 3PM.

Blogging Out Hunger

A food drive in Gloucester County that not only helps families but also their pets.

“Downtheshorewith” Jen Miller mentions on her blog that there is a new soup kitchen opening in Cape May County.

And in the news this week…

Fishermen from the region and across the country rallied on Washington this week regarding the regulations placed on their industry.

Here’s a nice story in the Daily Journal about Conte’s Pasta in Buena, its success with being gluten-free, and the expansion of its factory.

Sweet Lula’s in Pitman, which had closed in December, will be reopening in March.

Menu-tweaking in some Gloucester County restaurants.

And sadly, the co-owner of Atlantic City’s Knife & Fork and Dock’s Oyster House, Arleen Dougherty, passed away last week at the age of 70.

Enjoy your weekend!

– John


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