Breakfast With Kindred Souls

“What a cool rock n’ roll breakfast!” So sayeth our 7-year-old son, Julian, about our experience on Saturday morning at the Ocean Breeze Diner in Waretown, one of the 21 stops on the “Whatchagonnado Diner Tour” to raise money for the NJ Federation of Foodbanks.

The band who call themselves Kindred Souls played 21 diners (one in each county) in 48 hours, doing a 20-minute set in each. I have to say, I was impressed when they arrived- I thought they’d be forced to do an acoustic set, since setting up and breaking down would take a lot of time. But here they were, unpacking drums, electric guitars, amps, and a keyboard out of a station wagon, and were up and running within a half hour. After they started playing, the waitress arrived with our food and commented, “These guys are good!” looking as if she were surprised. They were good. Even Lizzie was giggling through a mouthful of scrambled eggs.

It was a great way to put the foodbanks back into people’s minds at this time of the year. The “big” holiday giving season is over- but the foodbanks still face an increased demand and a 20% decline in donations. The suggested $1 per table donation doesn’t seem like much, but it has hopefully added up to the total goal of $5,250.

That morning, we also got a little bonus surprise: we spotted Peter Genovese (of the Star-Ledger’s Munchmobile) diligently scribbling away, obviously covering the event. John and I are fans of the Munchmobile and his books, such as Food Lover’s Guide to New Jersey (it has inspired many a road trip for us), so I decided to go up to him and say hi. I’m glad I did- he’s a really nice guy, and it was great to chat with another “kindred soul” when it comes to food. Look for his write-up on the event this week in the Star-Ledger.

So, how much money did they raise? I don’t know, I haven’t seen any information posted on it yet-if anyone knows, please send us a comment!

Oh, and yes, if you’re wondering- John did the honorable New Jerseyite thing-he did have pork roll with his eggs.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast With Kindred Souls

  1. Hey – This is Paul from Kindred Souls. Thank you for a great blog post – it sounds like you had fun. We did ask for modest donations, so even people who might be experiencing these tight financial times could and would participate. Peter Genovese wrote a great article, which appeared on the front page of Saturday's Star Ledger! We are still counting, bu we raised about $7,000 – plus we brought a lot of attention to a very worthy cause.

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