A Potluck That Will Make You (Really) Think About Your Food

Today is Tax Day!

For most of us, today is the day where we can stop thinking about deductions, schedules, capital gains (or losses), and the like. Time to finally give the little ol’ grey cells a rest.

I would like to suggest that you keep your brain working a little bit longer. There’s something important happening next Wednesday that we believe those of you who eat (and that covers most of you) should watch. PBS will be presenting the documentary Food, Inc as part of their POV series. Quite simply, it is a documentary that will really make you, even grab you and force you, to think about where our food really comes from. In addition to being shown on your local PBS station on the evening on the 21st, Food Inc will also be available to be viewed online from the 22nd to the 29th.

In addition to watching the film, the folks at POV are suggesting that you make it an event of food and discussion by having a potluck dinner with friends and family that night. Food is always a great lubricant to loosen the gears of conversation (especially if there’s a good bottle of wine or beer alongside), and after you watch the firm, you will surely have things to discuss.

If you have not seen the film yet, I would offer this warning: the first 30 minutes or so are pretty grim and a times a little uncomfortable to watch. Our 7-year old son had to leave the room at one point, so it may not be the best thing for little kids to watch. But this documentary is not about being pretty; it’s a sobering picture of the modern delivery system of our food supply in this country.

If hosting a potluck for Food, Inc is of interest to you, check out POV’s site for more information as well as the times when the film will be shown.

Lisa and I were fortunate to be part of a pre-screening potluck dinner thrown by Ms JerseyBites herself, Deborah Smith. If you ever want to have a wonderful evening of food, drink and conversation, here’s a simple formula: invite a few food bloggers and enjoy! Here are some pics from the event:

Asparagus in a hot wasabi dip. So simple, and yet so satisfying.

Deviled eggs, which I love and Lisa does not. Her loss.

Some of Chef E’s handiwork. Her homemade duck and bison chorizo was my favorite of the evening. So good and spicy. I camped out in front of that dish for a while.

My clam pie, Version 2.0. Came out so much better than the first attempt. Was really happy with the result.

We’re food bloggers; it’s what we do.

Watching the film. Typical facial expression from yours truly.

It was a great to see Deb, Alex (A Food Coma), Chef E (Cook Appeal), Robin (Caviar & Codfish) and all that night. And I want to thank Robin and Chef E for sharing some of the pics that I’ve used here.

So if you gather family, friends and food next week to view Food Inc, enjoy the time together. And take the time to think and talk about your food. It’s really important. For those of us who live here in South Jersey, we have the ability to enjoy food that is local, organic and sustainable. We need to support the farmers, farm markets and restaurants that are trying to make a difference in this area.

– John


One thought on “A Potluck That Will Make You (Really) Think About Your Food

  1. Looks like you have a great group of friends to enjoy all that yummy food with and to watch the documentary with.Foodie people are fun. :-)I will be sure to look into that documentary, sounds really interesting.

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