Happy Birthday Dear Bloooo-oooog. Happy Birthday to You!

Yes – our blog turned two this past week, so it has reached the point where it not only can walk and talk, but start to use reasoning and logic. Well, let’s hope so anyway.

We just want to say thank you to those of you who have been reading our posts and have made comments. We appreciate the feedback and the support. Feel free to email us at eatinginsjersey AT verizon DOT net with comments, positive and negative.

Although the last few weeks have been a little light on the posts, we do have some pretty cool things coming up, so hang in there.

– John


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dear Bloooo-oooog. Happy Birthday to You!

  1. Happy birthday to your blog!Looking forward to what's next…I love reading! You just reminded me that my blog turned 2 this month also.

  2. You light weights :)We are leaving to go out of town for a much needed fishing trip, so will have to do the taco dinner the following week if you can?Peace, and keep spreading the south Jersey love…

  3. Congrats on YOUR blog bday,too, Lisa,LOL!Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. Tough few weeks, but the drama is dying down and the posts are going up…Chef E-looking forward to introducing you to the joys of Surf Taco: are we thinking Weekday or weekend?-Lisa

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