Rich’s Is Open! Summer Must Be Coming!

Richs Ice Cream 008
John: We all have our own personal indicators that tell us when warmer weather and long summer days are heading our way. Maybe it’s the smell of things starting to bloom, or maybe the kids are bouncing off the walls at ten times their usual velocity. For us, we can tell that winter is very much in the rear-view mirror by the seasonal opening of a little ice cream stand that’s mixed in with all the fast food chains and car

If you’re from the area, you know what stand I’m referring to: Rich’s. If you’ve spent any time in Toms River, you have most likely heard of (as well as eaten at) Rich’s Ice Cream. Starting out as a Carvel stand way back in the 1950’s, Rich’s is now well-known for its own homemade soft serve ice cream as well as other treats such as their Richie Bar (an ice cream sandwich, covered in chocolate, and served on a stick).

Too bad we can’t get those prices now.

Lisa: Rich’s has recently also been serving more varieties of hard ice cream-but purists like me will scoff. After all, everyone knows that you go to Hoffman’s in Point Pleasant for that (but that’s another post).

John: But for me, the best item that Rich’s serves is its flurries. If you’re familiar with Thomas Sweet’s in New Brunswick, a flurry is a very familiar concept. Just take some creamy ice cream, any “mix-ins” you can think of (Take 5 bars, cone pieces, and chocolate “crunchies” come to mind) and a blender, and put the spurs to it. Et viola! Heaven in a cup.

Richs Ice Cream 005

Lisa: Their flurries have always fascinated me, and I always point to them when I’m trying to convince some house guest of ours that: yes, they want one, and no, they (cough) don’t have any calories. I mean, where else can you get a cannoli flurry (real cannoli pieces and tiny chocolate chips)? But though I’ve been known to indulge in one occasionally, I can’t think of anything better than a simple wafer cone with their chocolate ice cream. And that, my friends, is a sign of something so well done, it doesn’t need any fancy window-dressing to be ethereal.

Richs Ice Cream 002

Lisa: Julian apparently is determined to go through their entire menu this summer-he’s had the Ritchie Bar and the Richwich, and here he’s got a Rich’s version of Rita’s cotton candy-and-vanilla “gelati”. Yes, I said-yeesh- cotton candy. He’s 7 for crying out loud.

Lisa: Lizzie puts up no arguments about sharing momma’s chocolate cone. She prefers to eat both by mouth and skin osmosis.

Richs Ice Cream 007Lisa: If you haven’t been, you should. Enjoy, and Happy Spring!

UPDATE (May 2015)  – What was the original Rich’s is now part of the car dealership. You can still get your Flurry fix further down the road at Rich’s II…for now. The owners of Rich’s have indicated on their Facebook page that they hope to have a new location for the 2015 season. * fingers crossed *


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