Food Network Pilot Taping at Villari’s in Palmyra

Need something to do on Monday? Want to possibly be on TV?

We were contacted out of the blue last week and asked to be part of a taping of a pilot for Food Network. The taping is taking place at Villari’s in Palmyra tomorrow night. From the description, the show sounds like “Kitchen Nightmares” on speed: a celeb chef comes in to a failing restaurant and changes things around in 36 hours. And the celeb chef, appropriately enough, is Robert Irvine from “Dinner: Impossible”.

So what’s our part in all of this? As part of the show, a group of food critics is to be served at a special table as part of a soft opening for the newly-refurbished restaurant. So, we’ve been working on our serious, critical-looking expressions in order to look the part for TV. Heh heh…just kidding – we’re happy to have the chance to be a part of the taping and look forward to the experience.

So what’s your part in all of this? Starting at 6PM, the revamped Villari’s will be open for all to try. It would great to fill up the place and give the new place a good workout. If you’d like to make a reservation and be there as they film the proceedings, call Villari’s at 856.829.7373. Villari’s is located on Route 73 North and Spring Garden Street in Palmyra. And if you see us, come over and say hi if you can.

– John

3 thoughts on “Food Network Pilot Taping at Villari’s in Palmyra

  1. WOW!!!!!!! John were you sitting at the food critics table? How was your experience? & free wireless connectionPSI was the busy manager that brought you over a complimentary glass of wine from CHEF ROBERT IRVINE.I What an explosive event! Wish you were @ the Final Chef War @ Villari's, we served 4 courses twice to 150 guests in less than 2 hr. visit our face book profile @ Villari's bar and see what our dishes looked like. Our guests loved the presentation and more important the taste. I'm very proud of what my staff & Family, with what were trying to accomplish. Hope you stay tuned and watch the magic come back to SJ OLDEST FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED RESTAURANT & BAR.FAMILIES ARE FOREVER

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