Friday Foodstuffs 6.11.10: Closed for the World Cup

Well…not exactly, but I have to admit that my attention is going to be on the World Cup over the next few weeks. And on Saturday there is a certain soccer match taking place that I will have my eyes glued tightly on: USA v England. It’s the first time these two have faced each other in the Cup since 1950, and if you know anything about soccer history, you know that the score of that contest was 1-0, and the winning side was not England. When reports of the result came over the ticker tape, people thought it was a typo – they figured the real result was 10-1 in favor of the Three Lions. But it was no error. It was simply one of the most improbable outcomes in the history of the sport.

And then, for 40 years, the Yanks didn’t even get a whiff of the World Cup.

Since 1990, though, the US has become a regular competitor and has had its moments: hosting the World Cup in 1994 and making it to the second round, and of course their quarterfinal trip in 2002 which produced two wonderful victories: beating Mexico 2-0 in the second round, and their opening shocker in the group stage against a very good Portugal team. And if you think the US doesn’t stand a chance on Saturday, watch these highlights from back in 2002 when the Americans were given even less of a chance to get a result against Portugal:

I got fired up just watching that again.

So, if you’re looking to hear about what food adventures we will be having this weekend, sorry. It’s World Cup time!

However, since many of you may not be so interested, here is what’s going on food-wise this weekend:

High Street Grill in Mount Holly is having its first Farm Fresh Weekend starting today through Sunday. Enjoy the special menu for $30 per person. Also starting today is the Greek Festival 2010 at Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Toms River.

If you like fresh seafood, and you’re willing to travel some distance, Saturday is the annual Delaware Bay Days down in Bivalve. We made the trip last year and enjoyed the food very much.

Beer, barbecue and blues music on a Sunday? Where do I sign up? Just point your vehicle of choice towards Cork in Westmont for their Blues and Brews Fest, which will be happening from 12PM to 6PM. The cost to get in the door, or whatever they will be using for a door since it’s happening in their parking lot, is $25 per person. Also on Sunday will be a Gala Garden Party in Bridgeton to help benefit Nail House. The party is from 3PM to 6PM and the cost is $25 per person.

Need some pointers on the fine art of pizza making? You got two classes down in Atlantic City this weekend that can help. Tonight, it’s a Pizza Workshop at the Viking Cooking School at Harrah’s for $79 a person. On Saturday, it’s another Pizza Making Class at Tony Boloney’s for $50 a person.

If your pizza skeelz are up to snuff, here’s the rest of the cooking class schedule:

There will be cooking demonstrations tomorrow at the Burlington County Farmer’s Market by La Esperanza’s Chef Saul Cardova and at the Collingswood Farmers Market by ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ competitor Siobhan Allgood.

Saturday night, you have Cooking for Couples – Greek Cuisine for Couples at Kitchen Kapers in Moorestown, a French Dinner Party at the Viking Cooking School, and a Date Night: Dinner in Spain at In The Kitchen Cooking School in Haddonfield.

On Sunday, it’s Kids in the Kitchen -Vegetarian World Tour for “Tweens” at Kitchen Kapers from 1:30PM to 3PM, then a Date Night: Italian Dinner at the Viking Cooking School from 6PM to 9PM.

Blogging Out Hunger

Garden State Equality is holding a food drive this month at locations throughout New Jersey.

And in the news this week…

The state had placed a ban on shellfish gardening in closed waters, apparently due to poachers selling shellfish that was not intended for human consumption.

Classes in a Millville school are learning about the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables.

An actual useful purpose for ‘Real Housewives of NJ’: an auction have dinner with two of the starts, with the proceeds going to charity.

On your next trip to P.F. Chang’s, why not try their new eco-friendly house wine.

Chef Michael Sicinski of Laurel Creek Country Club will be competing in the Taste of Elegance competition in Baltimore on Monday. Good luck Chef!

And special kudos to our friend “Downtheshorewith” Jen Miller, who was named a “Gem of New Jersey” by AOL Travel. Just call her Gem Miller from now on.

Have a great weekend! And go USA!

– John

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