Hot Weather, Cool Drinks Part II: Non-alcoholic Boogaloo

In the interest of keeping everyone cool for the next few days (even those who don’t or shouldn’t drink alcohol), I decided to share a few other things we’re drinking around here…

First up are recipes courtesy of the Dr. Seuss Cookbook– no kidding. We serve “Sammy Slick’s Sodas” around here all the time for Julian (so named after the poem in Dr. Seuss’s ABC: BIG S/ little s/ Silly Sammy Slick/sipped six sodas/ and got/ sick sick sick. We try to avoid pumping our kids full of junk, and this is best non-soda we know of- Julian loves it and asks for it all the time:

8 ounces of juice
8 ounces of club soda/seltzer

Pour in the juice, then pour in the soda and watch it foam. And that’s it.

Or make Pink Yink Ink Drink by throwing blackberries in a blender, then pouring the juice in a glass. Throw a cup of milk in a blender with berries of your choice (blueberries are in season still!) and honey, then carefully pour on top for a 2-toned drink.

I’ve also experimented to make a “mojito-style” iced tea: brew green tea in a pitcher, and steep it with a handful of mint leaves (from your herb garden, if you have it, or check your local woods, it grows wild and it’s in season now-just make sure you know what it looks like) tied in a cheesecloth. When cool, add the juice of a lime. You can sweeten it if you want, but I never bother!

Of course, if it’s too hot and you’re feeling really lazy- just grab a lime or lemon, cut off a slice and squeeze it over ice. Add a fruit flavored seltzer, and guzzle. Ahhhhhhh….

Having mentioned a bit about what’s in season, you should also get thee to your local farmer’s market: Jersey corn is early this year and now ready (if you need help finding a market near you, click here)! The blueberry season is already winding down (it was early, too) so be sure to grab them. It appears that the supermarkets (as usual) are out of the loop, as their berries and corn are being trucked all the way from California (and don’t taste as good as local)- so get to that market!



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