Catch John on Cucina Chatter This Tuesday

We got a kick out of meeting Lorraine Ranalli last fall at Chowderfest on LBI.

Then we got to read her book Gravy Wars, which we also enjoyed.

And now, through the magic of AM radio, you can listen to me attempt to sound intelligent and coherent on Lorraine’s Cucina Chatter program this Tuesday at 1PM on AM 1490 WBCB (it’s your station in Bucks, Burlington and Mercer Counties, y’know). I’m only on for a couple of minutes, but please give the whole show a listen. It’s not just about food; it’s also got comedy with a South Philly slant to it.

So how can you hear me? Well, using your ears would probably work best. And while you’re using them, turn your radio to 1490 on your AM dial (if you live in the area), or, use that fancy world wide web thingy and got to and listen live over the ‘net. If you do get a chance to hear me, let me know how I did.

– John


2 thoughts on “Catch John on Cucina Chatter This Tuesday

  1. Chef E – Not yet, unfortunately. Hopefully they will have it available down the road. – John

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