Come On, Fellow Food Bloggers…Let’s Dig In!

It’s not very often that we do this (in fact, I can’t really think of an instance where we did), but I’m doing it now. This is a message not only to our regular reading audience, but it is a special message to the food bloggers out there in South Jersey…

On September 25, Slow Food South Jersey, our own branch of Slow Food USA, is having a special event at a small, local farm. The event is called Dig In! A Farmwork Volunteer and Celebratory Potluck, and Slow food USA holding these all across the country. Very simply, it is a chance to help a local farm by working in their fields tending their crops, and then enjoy the company of other fellow food lovers while sharing each others’ home-cooked dishes. Locally, the event runs from 11AM to 2PM, and will be taking place at Seventeen Farm in Tuckahoe. If you are interested, check the Slow Food South Jersey site for information on how to RSVP and what you should be bringing. You will receive directions to the farm by email after you have registered.

Now – this is the special message to the folks in the South Jersey food blogging community. This would be a great opportunity for us to get together and show how much we support local farms. Lisa and I are planning to go, and we would love to have other bloggers join us. If you would like to be a part of the event, follow the instructions on the Slow Food South Jersey site, and then email us at eatinginsjersey AT verizon DOT net.

Look forward to hearing from you guys.

– John


3 thoughts on “Come On, Fellow Food Bloggers…Let’s Dig In!

  1. This sounds cool, gonna send the info to the wife, see if she'd like to do this! A very different activity.If we decide to go, I will surely blog about it.

  2. Slow Food South Jersey is so excited to know that info about our event is getting circulated in the SJ food blogging community! This is awesome! With any questions about the Dig In! event, please email slowfoodsec at Hope you see you on the 25th! EstherSlow Food South Jersey

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